Is Mars bigger than Earth?

What do we know about the Red Planet? Is it bigger than Earth? Read the article to find out!

Blue Planet

What do we know about our old Blue Planet? It`s known, that The Earth has been home for humanity for millions of years. Nevertheless, we also raise our eyes to the sky. One of the nearest planets to our Earth is Mars. This planet was named after the great god of war in ancient Rome. In the nearest future, we desire to establish Mars colonies and live our cradle. Mars news continues to make their steps around the world and find new places to establish their activity. Nevertheless, what is bigger? Mars or Earth? These two planets are like brothers. One supposed to have life in its good times, the other still has people around.

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The Earth is called the Blue Planet. It`s the only planet in our system that has a life. It moves around the Sun with an average orbital speed of thirty kilometers in one second. The equatorial radius of our planet is around 6, 378 km. The surface area of Earth is 510 million square kilometers.  The mass of our planet is about 5,9 multiple 10 in 24 kilograms. It`s the Third Planet from the Sun and the only known planet with life.

Mars Size

As it was previously mentioned, the Red Planet was named after the god of war. If you see the Mars pictures, you would understand why it`s called the Red Planet. The average orbital speed for Mars is twenty-four kilometers per second; it`s on two kilometers slower than Earth.  The Equatorial radius of Mars is 3,389 kilometers, which is almost twice smaller than Earth. The mass of Mars is around 6,5 multiple 10 in 23 kilograms, which is much lighter than Earth.

Red Planet

Therefore, the answer to the question: “is Mars bigger than Earth?” is no. Our Blue Planet is much bigger than the Red Planet. Nevertheless, for a population of over seven billion people, our Planet becomes shorter of livable space. It`s not a surprise that humanity thinks about establishment colonies on other planets, especially Mars colonies.

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