What creates wind?

How create winds? What do we know about the nature of winds? Why are they so important?

nature of the Wind

What do we know about the nature of the Wind? On the surface of our planet, the wind is created by movements of the air. In the outer space, the wind is created by particles of gasses and Sun. The Wind is very important part of our ecosystem. It creates climate all around our Blue Planet. Winds shape our land in the most curious way possible. It formats fertile soil and erosion. In legends and mythology, winds provided a great variety of invention. It was named a power source, a tool for warfare, recreation, electricity, mechanical work and transport. Later the myths and legends became true with air balloons, sailing ships and solar sail ships in the outer space.

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What creates the wind in particular?

What creates the wind in particular?

The main reason for creating winds on our planet is flowing between high and low pressure. As it’s well known, our Earth is rotating. Nevertheless, it can`t be said, that air flows go from high to low pressure precisely. Still, in the Southern Hemisphere, it deflects to the left, while in the Northern Hemisphere to the right. Therefore, it goes that our wind goes in around low and high-pressure areas.

This effect is very sensitive to our ecosystem and life in the world. This feeling has a tremendous effect on long-lived pressure system. In short-lived systems, the air flows go directly from high pressure to low pressure.

What creates strong winds?

What creates strong winds?

The pressure gradient creates strong winds; it means that the closer areas with high and low pressure together – the stronger the winds. Meteorologists can predict ideas of the strong and light winds with their maps. They usually picture the lines of low and high pressure.  The curves line that they picture on the weather maps is called isobars. These isobars are isolated with their pressure value measured in millibars. The closer these isobars on the weather map, the stronger will be the winds in reality.

These isobars have curvature, and it`s also very important for wind creating. If the isobar spacing is curved anticyclonically, then you may expect stronger winds. If the isobars spacing has cyclonic curves, then you may expect weaker winds.

The friction from the ground of the Earth can slow down winds. The convective mixing plays an important role in stopping winds. At the nights it can slow it considerably and even stop it.

The winds help with transportation and rotation of excess hitting the Earth. They build up warm climates and cold climates.

Wind Power

Wind Power

People always thought about the wind as an extra tool for getting more energy to purposes of humanity. We created windmills to help as create necessary powder for our bread. I modern times, winds energy is one of the safest and ecology clean energies in the world. Moreover, we still can’t understand the whole potential of the wind. What are the most helpful tools in creating the winds and can we control or create winds? It might be a possible key to controlling the weather all around the world. Nevertheless, should we posses such power and regulate the flows of the wind on our Planet?

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