Where do army ants live?

What do you know about army ants? What is the size of army ants? What is so special about them?

Ants are very same like humans

­­Ants are very same like humans. ­They eat, they create a strong society and manage to structure it. Moreover, this society has a strong hierarchic structure that can`t be overcome. There is always a queen in this society; it`s so-called mother of all ants. There are workers, which provide food and building recourses for the nest. The last, but not the least members of this society are ant soldiers. Where does an army of ants live? This machine for killing insects and defending its compatriots for the nest. They can destroy other workers as an element of punishment, but their army ants bites can kill mammals if it's needed.

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Army Ants definition

Army Ants definition

People call army ants the creators that line up for defending their nests and their army ants queen. They also have other names, like Visiting Ants, Driver Ants, and Legionary Ants. According to scientists, these army ants have two distinctive characteristics as group predators and constant nomads. There are many species of ants that have a similar lifestyle. Most of them are situated in South and Central America and Africa.

Army ants can live only in temporary nests, where they can have a rest between hunting raids. The temporary logs are not built underground. These temporary nests can be inside of the log or even in the open space. Their temporary nests are also called bivouacs.

Army ants

They would make a nest out form tree log or tree limb. Thousands of workers from army ants can create an enclosed hammock for an army ant queen. Immature ants can also be closed inside the hammock. This army can stay for a few weeks in the bivouac. Once the Queen decides to leave the resting place, all another part of the army also goes with her.

Some species of army ants can migrate in lines. Some other species may migrate in fan-shaped waves. The soldiers of ants’ army move on the sides of the column to defend the queen.

As true nomads by their name. Army Ants collect all the food they had and other staff. The workers collect their inmates and transport to the next station. Workers will also kill every snake, lizard or any other kind of animal on their path. Therefore, birds and animals hear and smell the army of ants marching and try to get out of their way.

Army Ants collect

During their march, they can climb different objects like trees and shrubs. They might also be taking roots through houses. The residents of the houses might be in some danger as the army of ants may decide to stay in their houses for few days. Therefore, they might take some measures to prevent this from happening. Nevertheless, some people may welcome the army of ants as they can kill all insects in the house.

Scientists still study Army Ants to find out the causes of their migration. The initial causes would be not enough food in the area. Other theories include fact that they start migrating on the period of inmates` development of the colony. One more scientist theory includes the fact that the army ant queen decides when army ants should start migrating. Still, the certain answer has not been found yet. Therefore, it can be a mix of factors.

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