3 people ventured upon a murder to become illuminati members

What can you sacrifice to join Illuminati? Does this secret society require a bloodshed to join their ranks? Three people decided that joining the Illuminati is worth the lives of their closed ones.

conspiracy theory

The conspiracy theory may play a bad joke with people. Moreover, some people may be willing to sacrifice everything to join the club. Furthermore, there are many articles and blogs which claim to provide a path to the secret societies like Illuminati. There are books, articles and even researches that claim that Illuminati plays a major role in hip-hop culture and being one of them provide a clear ticket to the musical Olympus. These articles inspired a young rapper from Richmond, Virginia to take some real actions in his musical career. Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin decided to take a life of his friend to supposedly become a superstar in the industry.

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El-Amin is a big fan of conspiracy theory and especially Illuminati. Unfortunately, for his closed ones, he took some of the articles too serious. El-Amin decided to sacrifice his friend to join Illuminati. He corned the victim in the studio and pointed a gun. He managed to shoot only in the arm when the victim wrestled out the gun and neutralized El-Amin. Few other people who also were in the studio called the police. El-Amin confessed that he wanted to kill his friend to join Illuminati and become a famous rapper. Now, he is waiting for a trial.

Illuminati brotherhood

One of the crucial points of this story is not ignorance of El-Amin but his willingness to kill his friend to achieve the hypothetical goal. Although, the influence from the conspiracy brotherhood should also be taken into attention. Nevertheless, the main villain of this story is El-Amin. No theory and no Illuminati forced his hand to murder his friend. This was clearly his choice. Therefore, he should bear all consequences of his actions. As for Illuminati brotherhood, there is a reason why it`s secret and why they prefer to not accept everyone in their secret organization. Maybe the price is too high to be the one, or it`s just too high for ignorant people understanding.

Illuminati brotherhood

Another story happened with Herbert Were, a twenty-one-year man who decided to kill his little brother to join the order. Ugandan police arrested him for the beheading of his 7-years old brother. Herbert explained the police that a man who supposed to be an Illuminati recruiter asked him to kill his brother. The man convinced Herbert that by murdering his little brother, he could show the order his willingness to sacrifice everything for a cause, and supposedly gain famous, glory and wealth. Police found the chat between accused and the supposed Illuminati in Herbert`s telephone.

Herbert Were

A police spokesman confirmed the information about supposed Illuminati member and Herbert. Unfortunately, only Herbert got a sentence in jail. The ignorance of this particular future member of the most secret organization in the world is beyond comprehension. His willingness to sacrifice his brother to achieve a cause is horrible. It seems that greediness and cruelty were just saved in his mind for long years. It`s no other explanation why he decided to kill somebody in such cruel manner. What else can people do to achieve wealth and famousness?

Herbert Were

What if someone told you a story about a man who was willing to sacrifice a very person who had brought him in the world, what would be your reaction? Unfortunately, it was a true story of life. A young man was so desperate in the life that he tried to sell his mother to the cult for fame and wealth. This young man was caught on the radio, and his willingness together with eagerness were heard by the radio listeners. The man was proposed to kill his mother to join Illuminati and instantly get $200 000. He did not hesitate and expressed a desire to join the satanic cult.

kill his mother

Unfortunately, all these three stories are real. Therefore, people were really eager to sacrifice their friends, parents, and relatives to become a member of the Illuminati and gain wealth. It seemed that they were just desperate and did not realize their actions. It seemed that they were just ignorant and fooled to make these actions. It seemed that conspiracy of the Illuminati takes advantage over their minds. Unless nobody forced them to make the decision to follow the commands and orders of the supposed Illuminati members. There is no one to blame for their actions but themselves. The most horrible part, that some of them do not even understand what have they done.

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