Are illuminati and freemason the same?

Illuminati and Freemasons? Do they pursue same goals? Are they rivals or friends in the world`s domination?

Free Masons hide

What do Illuminati and Free Masons hide? Are they connected to each other? Do they fight for the world control or something? Or they are just friends to share the same principles? It would be fascinating to watch their actions over the world and fight for power, money, and glory. It would be more interesting, then Games of Thrones. Nevertheless, there is only one little difference. It`s a real life, if Freemasons and Illuminati are kings and queens in this check game, then mere citizens are just pawns. Therefore, maybe it`s needed to know if Illuminati and Freemason are the same. Still, in this article, you may try to get the answer.

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According to many historical texts, Illuminati started their origin in 1776 in Bavaria. Nevertheless, some scientists may approve, that the origins of Illuminati lie can be dated back to the ancient world. The Illuminati as a term was used by writer Menedez Pelayo. He firstly introduced this mystical group in Spain in 1492 as “Alumbrados.” According to the Menedez information, this group received secret knowledge from higher authorities. Therefore, they could provide a superior intelligence to humanity. The Catholic Church revealed this secret society in the 17th century and started a war with “Alumbrados.” Nevertheless, “Alumbrados” were defeated in this war, but it seems that some of the adepts managed to survive in battles. Therefore, in a long-running term, it`s not obvious who is the winner.

Menedez Pelayo

Few writers of the middle-ages may also provide information, which the group is known as “Illumined Ones” was found in the 11th century by Joachim of Floris. They followed primitive ideas of Christian doctrines, like poverty and equality. Therefore, they could create their armies according to the ideas of Christianism, but at the same time rule their secret society. This group was one of the most violent organizations in the middle-ages. They discredited Christianity by murdering, plundering rich and robbing.

Christianity by murdering

Other writers try to reach Illuminati through Islam roots. Few writers can implement that Illuminati was founded in the East and raised from one of the Ashmolean sects. The most famous sect was known as Assassins. This group was founded by Hassan Sabah in 1090. The Assassins became one of the most recognizable groups of killers in the middle-ages. They used any killing methods, including poisons, close-combat killing, stabbing. They are also known for using hashish in their rituals.

Christian writers tried to compare The Assassins with Devil servants. They implied that The Assassins managed to seize control not by murdering, but sacrificing for Satan. They suggested that The Assassins were able to collect the souls of their victims and these souls were mentioned to be sacrificed to Devil. The Assassins also run animals blood sacrificing. It was known, that if you enter this organization, you will not be able to leave it. Nevertheless, there was one exit, through the death.

The Assassins

Primitive religious groups tried to succeed in controlling young minds. The first attempts can be traced back to stone ages, when people were drumbeating, summoning spirits, dancing… Therefore, even in the modern times, people tried to seek this illumination through drugs. It was very popular through the 1960s with drugs, LSD, hashish, marijuana. Buddhists and Hinduists tried to achieve illumination through sexual experience, like Tantric Sex or Tantric Yoga. In the middle-ages, people tried witchcraft to achieve the illumination. It also included drug consuming and sexual rituals. They also made sacrifices to their gods or spirits. Sometimes it was just the animal sacrifice, but human sacrifices were not rare.

One of the main ideas for these rituals was immortality. It was believed that through sacrifices, magic rituals, drugs and sex, people could achieve fantastic abilities. Moreover, they also have some accumulation for illumination. It means that more sacrifices should be made, all sacrifices should be calculated and immortality can be granted for the best sacrifices.

LSD, hashish, marijuana

Freemasons also spread this kind of ideas. They also wrote these ideas in their books. Nevertheless, they tried to hide it. They did not write directly about their methods, but it included the words, like: “distributing ideas which can be noble for Freemasons, but might be destructive for other people, therefore, they should follow their motto: Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.” Freemasons is a vast organism for the propaganda of the ideas. Some Ideas are not equally right for most of the people. They spread revolutionary ideas in the heads of their followers. They`re supposed to have friends in many layers of society. Their ideas were largely spread through the French Revolution. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that the revolution was bloody. Kings and Queens were the first persons to die in revolutions, but the organizers of the revolution also died.  It led to this first war between newly proclaimed Emperor and the whole Europe. Therefore, the first revolution can be named a bloody mess. Nevertheless, it might have been one of the first attempts for the world revolution. Nevertheless, it was a false attempt. Still, it was a nice global experiment which taught masons to plan their actions with better accuracy and precision.

accuracy and precision

Freemasons do not act openly and rarely tell about their real deeds. Nobody knows about their leaders, places of meeting and types of contribution to the order. Most Freemasons obtain their high positions through the deeds in society. Nevertheless, if they think that they use somebody for their secret plans, it does not mean that anybody uses them for their deeds.

Masonic Rituals

Masonic Rituals

The order of Freemasons is a very secret society which can`t reveal their rituals. Therefore, many people suggest that they swear an oath for not spreading the secrets of the society. Nevertheless, it may take further with swearing a blood oath. Which means that death will punish the punishment for an opening of the secrets of the organization.

One of the most famous Freemasons for all times was Joseph Smith. He created a new religion in the USA, which called Mormonism. It`s informed that he received the message from God to create a new true religion for the society of freemen. The founder of the Satan Church was also a member of Illuminati and Freemasons. He might have desired to spread the ideas of freedom through Satan by using masses. These masses can be mere grunts in the battles to come. He also tried to spread false ideas of freedom from Satan. Therefore, Satan is provided to be a liberator and noble savage who desired to free angels from God.

Illuminati ideas

Illuminati ideas

Illuminati ideas can be originated from the ages of knights. It`s also known that the first crusaders were created by somebodies’ ideas. The Europe was on edge. There was nothing to fight for in Europe. Moreover, people died from starvation and diseases. The social problems of poor people couldn`t be solved. Therefore, it was created the idea of liberation Saint Lands on the East. It was told to mere citizens of Europe that all problems that they had were due to the situation than the place where Jesus was crucified was under control of Muslims. Therefore, it was needed to create armies to liberate these lands.



The secret societies would be secret without mysteries surrounded their creation and living. Therefore, there is only a small portion of the information on the Internet about these societies. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that secrets create rumors and rumors create believes. Therefore, some people believe that secret organizations. Nevertheless, it`s quite difficult to catch their hand when they commit crimes. Therefore, in matters of secrecy, there is no difference between Illuminati and Freemasons. Nevertheless, they are obvious rivals in ideas of controlling the world. Still, they might use the same methods for controlling the world.  


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Seriously. Are you high? This may be the most ridiculous collection of nonsense and misinformation I've ever encountered. Even if you did no other research than just read the Wikipedia entry about the Illuminati, you'd have far more knowledge of the subject than what you typed here. There's no point in trying to correct each incorrect point you made, because every single sentence is flat out wrong.

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