Do illuminati believe in God?

Is it true that Illuminati believes in God? What are the connections between Illuminati and God?

believe in God

Who is Illuminati? Do they believe in God?  It`s hard to find a positive answer to that. They may believe in God but serve his rivals. Moreover, some people believes that they believe not in God, but to Devil. Therefore, they provide all types of sacrifices to Satan. It can be defined by the idea that most of the Illuminati members are famous and powerful persons. Therefore, they could attract all their riches not by talents and wits, but by blood sacrifices and pledges to the False God. Nevertheless, it`s still hard to believe that people can voluntarily pledge their fate to the doomed angel who lives in Hell.

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Who is Illuminati?

Who is Illuminati?

Illuminati can inherit their knowledge and ideas from much older secret groups which existed in the world. Their type of organization has some resemblance with Templars, and much older organizations existed in the Ancient world. They ruled in times of Julius Cesar and Cleopatra. They might have got their hands dirty with Trojan wars of the ancient world. Nevertheless, they could be part of first Christians came to the Rome. The emperor who proclaimed Christianity as the official religion in Rome had been refused of mercy for his soul by other religions. Therefore, they could take advantage of it.

The Illuminati groups were disseminated and divided with a new era of geographical discoveries. Therefore, the only suitable power for Illuminati was Bavarian Illuminati group. Adam Weishaupt was a creator of the Bavarian Illuminati. He arrived to be a leader of the group based on ideas of politics, occultism, and spirituality. The main idea of Illuminati comes from the world illumination which is defined as Enlightenment. Therefore, Adam Weishaupt had his own idea of enlightens and tried to provide this to the most influential persons in the world. Eventually, this idea was spread, and Bavarian Occult Group created one of the most powerful organizations in history.

 Illuminati groups

They have some connections with Masonry as their leader was a mason for some time. Nevertheless, if today`s people may try to accuse Adam Weishaupt in creating a corrupted organization, then they might be wrong. It`s certain that he had his own vision of Enlightenment, but his followers might have corrupted this vision.  We do not know the original story behind the occult group of Illuminati. There are only rumors about sacrifices, drug dealing, and criminal activity. Nevertheless, it`s still false to state either it was based from the very beginning of the creation, or it was developed later with the gaining of power from other members.

Illuminati Today

Illuminati Today

It`s hard to imagine what kind of Illuminati can exist today. They are certainly a powerful group of individuals that may command all over the world. Nevertheless, do they follow all the rumors connected to them? Can it be possible that they are not like the destroyers of the world? Still, they already have so much power, and they still have not destroyed the world. What are their real intentions for today? Is it possible, that they just desire to rule forever?

The main thing about Illuminati members is very strict. They are powerful individuals, organizations, corporations or just groups who are in charge of many executive positions. They can also be significant politicians, scientists, financial bosses, sportsmen who work for a greater good of the humanity. These individuals provide people with decisions about the future of the world. Therefore, we are people of the world; we can suffer from their decisions. Illuminati can provide peace and prosperity in the one part of the world and destructions, suffering, killing in another part of the world. Therefore, no matter of their decisions, people may suffer.

Illuminati can provide peace

Where do they come from? Original Illuminati? Well, it seems that they some kind of bloodlines. According to Springmeier, the powerful Illuminati members come from the thirteen families, including the Astors, The Rockefellers, The Kennedys, The Bushes. According to Rockefeller's memories, he even mentioned the ideas of working against the United States of America. It was even believed at that time, that the Rockefeller is adapt of powerful the cabal group. He even admitted the work for one of the cabal group in the USA. Therefore, he sponsored some groups for working against the country.

Illuminati and God

Illuminati and God

Some people believe that the WWIII is to occur in this ten years. It might be possible with all of these shocking, and disturbing problems occurred in the world for the last twenty years. The police brutality in the USA, Great Britain, and other countries. Small conflicts in the East Europe. Millions of refugees in Europe. War on the East with ISIS, which includes massive beheading and killing of innocent people. Terrorist attacks in Europe and USA. Massive terror in Africa from the side of Boko Haram and Niger Delta Avengers. 

Massive terror in Africa

It`s clear that there is too much conspiracy behind the human welfare protection. Nobody knows what secrets are hidden behind closed doors. It`s not understood what Illuminati desire to show behind these masses. They may desire to grow seeds of social unrest and therefore they can provide people with terrorist attacks all around the world, like London Riots, 9/11, 7/7. They may also try to play with human desires by propaganda. They have the propaganda for suffering, wars, drugs, prostitution and other deeds.

To the question, if they believe in God. It can be fair enough. They believe in God, but desire to follow Satan. They desire to follow rebels of the good and become part of their armies to march against Heavens. They see the true spirits of freedom is not in becoming sons of God, but rebels of Satan. Therefore, they are willing to sacrifice everything for their dark deeds and becoming free of God. It may not be simple for them as blood sacrifice also includes killing. Killing not some regular citizens, which can also be horrible, but the people they love or who believe in them. Nevertheless, these people have a desire to sacrifice everything for fame, glory, and money.

fame, glory, and money

They also provide occult obsessions and Satanic values to the masses. They desire to show people their vision of freedom. Therefore, they provide these obsessions in music, television or internet. They can provide information, which any sex is considered to be free of limits. They can convince people, that doing whatever they want is a true freedom of personality and power behind it. Nevertheless, true freedom also lies in the responsibility of the actions. Therefore, Illuminati shows no responsibility for the actions. The best way for a ruling is controlled chaos.

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