Do you need to kill someone to join illuminati?

Do you like the idea that if you desire to join Illuminati cult you need to make a blood sacrifice? Is it reasonable? Read the article to find out!

What about killing with Illuminati? It`s quite possible that you need to kill to join Illuminati. Unfortunately, becoming the Illuminati member means blood sacrifice, and the better the blood sacrifice, the better your fame offerings. Nevertheless, nobody will tell you about real purposes of Illuminati blood sacrifices and blood rituals. Moreover, if you join the Illuminati, then you can`t cancel your membership. They require blood, and blood of the person who tries to leave them is more than enough for that reason. So, in general, the answer could be yes and no at the same time. Illuminati can be named as a satanic order. It means, that they require blood, but killing is not necessary.

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Evil Illuminati

Illuminati order is covered with mysteries in many parts of history. Therefore, there are prejudices that illuminati members are connected with a church of Satan. Therefore, it also includes sins against beloved God. By bringing a spirit of Satan to your life, you are automatically prohibited to the place on Heavens. So, according to Christian church rules, you would get your punishment after death. Nevertheless, maybe for you, it`s a quite reasonable price for getting fame and power in life. Moreover, you may desire to share the fate of Satan and join his army of rebels against God.

Illuminati Joining

If you are a mere man, then you may leave the possibility and dreams to join such a powerful order. Therefore, try to get at least some fame and power at first. You would need to gather all your strength and willingness to join Illuminati. They do not offer membership to mere people; their members are famous singers, pop-stars, actors, influenced generals, judges, ministers, presidents, wealthy businessmen. In other words, this order will find you if you gain some popularity in something or anything. In another case, it would be a real hard work to find any agent to join Illuminati order.

Illuminati Rituals

One of the main problems to join illuminati is blood sacrifice. It may be anything they desire, from killing just an animal to the killing of a person, your close friend, girlfriend or relatives. Therefore, think twice about joining to the order. They don`t forget mistakes, and if you get caught during or after killing a person, then it`s your problem. Moreover, false membership attempt to Illuminati order is also punishable by death. Therefore, no mistakes allowed when you are about to join the order or have already joined it. 

After Joining

When you joined Illuminati order, you now have all options for living the life according to the order`s rules. It means that mistakes are prohibited. Therefore, if you fail in somehow or open secrets of Illuminati membership, then be ready to be a victim for the next blood sacrifice. They offer a tremendous amount of power and fame in the life. Still, is it a right price for not being one of the dwellers in heavens. The choice is yours to make. To serve the Devil and join Illuminati, but have a life full of everything famous and wealthy.  


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