Does illuminati control the world?

Do you really believe that Illuminati controls the world? Is it true that Illuminati is responsible for world control? Read the article to find out!

Illuminati is a favorite topic

Illuminati is a favorite topic for all conspiracy theories in the world. Do they control the world? Is it possible that the worlds` leaders are mere puppets in their hands? It might not be true, but who will reveal mere citizens of the Earth a true story behind curtains. What does Illuminati hide from all people? Secrecy is one of the main sources of Illuminati power, still, why do they need to hide? If they follow a good path, then it`s worth to be mentioned somewhere just to open their good deeds to the universe. Nevertheless, they might follow dark path. Therefore, their secrets should be hidden from everyone.

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The modern Illuminati may come from their Bavarian leader in the eighteenth century.  Why does he choose the word Illuminati, because it goes from the world illumination which goes from the word enlightenment? Nevertheless, what kind of enlightenment? Some historic scientist might insist that the first leader of Illuminati had a totally different view on the organization and its purposes. Nevertheless, his adepts and descendants overviewed the path of Illuminati and decided to follow strictly the ideas of world dominance. Therefore, they might have some puppets in the upper-classes of societies even today.

How do they get money?

How do they get money?

According to various sources, Illuminati gains money in various ways. One of the most influential ways for them is illegal. It means everything:

  • Slavery. Mainly sex slaves for various influential and not so much influential people in the world. Sex slaves can be used as a weapon to reveal all hidden secrets of the most influential people in the world and might be making these people the adepts of Illuminati or mere puppets in their hands.
  • Pornography. The most profitable business in the world and legal business in some countries. Influential people also like to witness some sex games, and Illuminati may use these sex games to gain information.
  • Weapons. Illuminati may command a huge traffic of weapons and control it with their bare hands. Weapons are needed for waging wars in some parts of our Planet. To keep people intense in waiting for new wars.
  • Wars. War is an inevitable part of an illuminati business. War keep people intense and ready for a fight. It also provides a stream of money to the pockets of a master. It does not matter that people die in wars. They are just useful resources, but their sacrifices are needed to provide more resources.

World Control

World Control

It`s hard to predict the sequence of wars and conflicts in our world. Nevertheless, some people can surely be able to predict it. One of those people is Illuminati. They have survived so many centuries. Countries fall and rose, and Illuminati still was there, witnessing everything or controlling everything? It`s still unclear. Maybe people desire to believe that everything that happens in the world arena is controlled by somebody. They do not desire to believe that sacrifices are made in vain. People may stand behind the curtains of world leaders, and Illuminati might be one of these people.


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