Earth tremor in Kaduna: What are the consequences?

When did the latest Nigeria earthquake tremor in Kaduna state began? What measures is State management agency of emergency situations going to take to prevent victims and destroying of houses? Read the article to learn the latest news about the incident.

New earthquake in Kaduna

New earthquake in Kaduna, Nigeria

Four months later after the earth tremor destroyed a household in Ikara city in Kaduna. Other intensive earthquake tremor created panic in Kwoi, areas of Jaba regional authority of the state. Experts reported that strange vibration of the earth and deafening sounds were in Kwoi town since morning of Sunday approximately till 14:00. The local reporter who just went to Kwoi told that incident forced people to leave their houses.

'Though some people didn't begin to flee the city, big intensity is noticeable there. The earth vibrates under legs of people. It began with morning and if it proceeds till the evening, people will have no choice. They should leave the city and to go to safer places'. Other witness, Hon Badugu Nehemiah, told: ‘since morning, many people in our villages ran because buildings and the earth shivered. Many churches shall reduce the programs of Sunday service because of earthquake threat. The earth is still shaking’.

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Kaduna state

Meanwhile, the governor Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai called to observe tranquility, saying that he already warned relevant organs to research an incident. He told that he directed the state agency on management of emergency situations to take effect. According to the statement of his Special assistant on media and Advertising, Samuel Aruwan, the formal report to relevant organs was made to research earthquake development, to report the exact description of an event and to issue the corresponding management.

'The governor, Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, confirmed that geological agencies and emergency situations agencies begin to register an event. The governor sympathizes with people in the field of Kwoi. He directed the State management agency of emergency situations (SEMA) to mobilize them to the area and to comfort citizens. The national geological agency was also notified and invited to research an earthquake in the field of Kwoi and to provide the corresponding management.

'The government of Kaduna state gets updated news from area. The relevant government institutions undertake to do some actions to comfort residents of Kwoi area and to eliminate all inconveniences. The government urges citizens to observe tranquility and convinces everyone not to distribute unchecked information and to create panic' – the governor said in the statement.

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