Fulani herdsmen invaded Abuja national stadium to feed their cattle

What is the recent invasion of Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria? What other problems did Abuja national stadium faced, except Fulani attacks? Read the article to learn the latest news about problems caused by Fulani.

 Fulani herdsmen Nigeria news

Fulani herdsmen Nigeria news

Despite recent news that the Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Muhammad Musa Bello has forbidden a free using of the national capital by Fulani Herdsmen, in the report of New Telegraph it is said that shepherds have intruded on Abuja national stadium, having turned it into a pasture for their cattle. The security service specialist who was on duty at stadium has told correspondents that Fulani's shepherds, who usually interfere in stadium groups for feeding cattle, sometimes threaten him if he tries to stop them, especially in sector B. He said: 'Last year the problem was already discussed. We thought how to prevent illegal invasion of shepherds on stadium. However, they interfere in stadium at will, and it seems that nobody is ready to stop or at least warn them’. Manager of stadium, Mr. Sati Mbok, said that the management made mad efforts to stop shepherds, but they have continued to increase in quantity. The conclusion has been also drawn that shepherds, who usually arm with dangerous weapon became a source of concern for those who operate stadium.

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Investigations of New Telegraph have shown that besides the problem caused by these shepherds, the stadium has faced a problem of bad culture of service. Costing $300 million, National Stadium has turned into the abandoned building, rusting huge sports complex with weeds. The multimillion building has been built when Nigeria has hosted the 8th African Games in 2003 (COJA). The stadium hardly organizes actions as most sports federations have taken events outside Federal Capital Territory (FCT) where they will receive corporate sponsorship due to the lack of funds. Other part of stadium is inhabited now by poor Nigerians who use it as home due to the lack of housing in FCT.

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