How did the man who named his dog Buhari name his baby daughter?

What happened with Joe Fortemose Chinakwe? Why did he decide to name his daughter after the President`s wife? Read the article to find out!

Joe Fortemose Chinakwe

A few weeks ago Nigeria was overwhelmed with a social burst when it became known that a man who named his dog after President Muhammadu Buhari. This action provided Joe Fortemose Chinakwe a sentence to the jail and N50 000 fine. It also clearly showed media that there is a clear evidence of censorship in Nigeria. It`s an obvious right of the owner to call a pet whatever the owner wants. Therefore, the strange actions of police toward the owner of the dog and jail sentence were clearly the sign of someone`s hand from very high authorities. Nevertheless, Joe did not calm down after the arrest and paying N50 000; he decided to get attention from the media one more time.

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President Muhammadu Buhari

The 30-year-old trader decided that after naming his President Muhammadu Buhari and jail sentence, it would be a good idea to name his newborn daughter after President`s wife. Now if she grows up, she can give and command to a dog. Therefore, Aisha will gladly teach Mr. President how to fetch. Joe`s lawyer and human right activist explained that Joe named his daughter by two names. One is Mise, which can be translated as “I am doing it”, other is Aisha.

President Muhammadu Buhari dog

Joe Fortemose Chinakwe is a man that desire to get the attention of the media and special attention of Nigerian police. Nevertheless, his neighbors and friends can confirm that he is a man who is just looking for troubles. Certainly, troubles are not only case why this man desire to get attention. Unfortunately, the history knows many people who desired the same fame, the most famous one was Herostratus. Only this fellow decided to blaze one of the Seven Wonders of Ancient World. Joe`s new naming habit may cause another discussion within Nigeria social media. Nevertheless, it seems that this man is not going to end his naming habit and searching for troubles provided by higher authorities.

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