How illuminati makes money?

How does Illuminati make money? What are their main sources of income? Read the article to find out!

biggest cults in the world

One of the most secret and biggest cults in the world – Illuminati. How do they make money? It`s believed that Illuminati can control every aspect of a country`s life. Therefore, they can produce a tremendous amount of capital. So, Illuminati can control many things in the life of mere citizens. Nevertheless, what are the main sources of Illuminati capital? They can offer a limitless amount of fame and treasures for blood sacrifices. They hide the secrets of the organization with all respect. If a member of the group reveals the secrets of the organization, then he or she will be severely punished. If they agree to feel suffer and pain for their activities, then how much money do Illuminati have?

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According to various anonymous sources, Illuminati has the lion's share of their income from criminal activities. It should be mentioned severe rules of the organization. Therefore, to make a huge amount of money, you would need to silence people all the time. For all over the time young and adult members of the cult must presume rules, like not speaking to someone about the dealings of the cult. Any member of the cult can be severely punished even by suspicion of revealing the secrets of the organization. Therefore, the torturing and tutoring of the members of the organization are mandatory. Even young children have to attend the torture performances or even take part in torturing people.

anonymous sources

Children can be a reliable weapon against discreet. Some children tried to disclose the secrets of Illuminati, but adults did not believe them. They tried to think that it was just kids’ imagination. Therefore, some members do not speak about activities in the group. They can`t trust authorities, and they can`t be trusted by authorities. Sometimes, ex-Illuminati members have to overcome years of therapy to forget the deeds they saw in the order.  Therefore, there is clear evidence that actions in the cult can be questioned regarding morality and sanity. The savage actions in the cult can`t be underestimated.

Children can be a reliable weapon against discreet

Nevertheless, to provide this kind of actions, there should be a reason, like money. People can apparently suffer and overcome any sufferings for money. It`s not quite easy to keep this large group silent, but with the power of money and influence, it`s quite possible. Still, this kind of money need some income sources. Everything needs money. The wealthy members of Illuminati can support them with funds, but it`s better if the group would be self-sufficient.  Therefore, how Illuminati make money? What kind of illegal action can they perform to stay in power for a long time and even dictate their rules to the whole world?


Porno Illuminati

Pornography is illegal in many countries and often questioned by the terms of morality. Nevertheless, it`s quite a piece of cake for the members of Illuminati. According to the various statistics, every third man and every tenth woman regularly visit adult websites at least once a day. Therefore, it`s quite a valuable business for the organization. Millions of dollars can be earned out of the one simple shoot. The lower ranks of organization members usually take part in these shots as actors or photographers. Nevertheless, it`s just an iceberg in the porn industry of Illuminati. The true income hides very deep in children pornography.

Poor children or children from low-income families can be found everywhere. Therefore, the lower members of Illuminati take actions in seeking for these young actors. They pay to their parents some money. Few of them even know why Illuminati use their children, but they still have no choice. Young members of Illuminati also take part in these photo sessions. It can be valued as some pay for entering the secret cult. Therefore, children are also willing to become a part of these shooting. They usually understand it as some kind of game. Only in the old age, they may reveal all the truth behind their actor performing in childhood.

People who create video and photo materials can be members of Illuminati. They have their pay for shooting actors. As it was mentioned earlier, actors, their parents, and photographers can be quite aware of the shooting. Nevertheless, they still prefer doing this because of money and fame plus possible membership in Illuminati lines. Still, these mere people can earn only a dime of real money produced by their actions. Huge sums of Franklins go directly to the producers of the show and the cult leaders. Much more money goes to the united banks where they can be count as investments for the future shooting porno movies.



It also can be divided into two parts as children prostitution and adult prostitution. In a question about adult, prostitution is all very simple. People can`t ignore their lust, so they have to use some members of brothels to illuminate their desire for lust. Therefore, it`s quite a beneficial business model which has been used for thousands of years. Illuminati used brothels as a popular business which provides a huge income to the pockets. The total incomes for the prostitution are uncountable. Moreover, it`s work not only for mere people who know nothing about prostitution but also for lower adepts of Illuminati. They can also prove their worth through these actions.

It`s not only money which can be provided to Illuminati through prostitution. You may also use it for some kind of connections. It`s quite possible to give a prostitute to the famous politician, actor or just a spy to use them as puppets in the future games. Lust is quite a valuable resource for any kind of money and power. In the old times, you might have got any type of information from rumors in brothels and Illuminati were created in that old times. They knew how to use the power of lust in their interests. Therefore, they continue to use it right now. In the modern times as in the ancient times, people are the same.


Guns Illuminati

It could be divided into creating guns and running guns. It`s well known truth, that guns do not kill people. People can only kill people. Illuminati tried to create more guns throughout the world history. More inventive and deadly weapons can create more income to the pockets of Illuminati. They invest financial streams to creating deadlier guns and killing methods to rule the world. They do understand that their cent invested in the developments of weapons can create at least a dollar for them.  Therefore, they desire to invest more money in technologies and especially creating weapon systems; that may provide better results of income for them. 

They do not only produce weapons; they also sell the weapon. War never changes. They always need something to fight for and weapons with which they can fight. Therefore, Illuminati can make millions of dollars by running weapons traffic. They have their people on any level of selling weapons. It`s quite obvious business. They can make millions out of selling shotguns, assault-rifles, pistols and even armored vehicles with tanks. They can`t ignore many things in the life, and wars and conflicts shouldn`t be ignored. The more people fight with each other; the more income can be for Illuminati members. It`s a business they have been running for centuries.


War Illuminati

For somebody, war is something horrible and can`t be created in the civilized world, but Illuminati know, that war is inevitable. Therefore, you can make large sums of Franklins by creating and participating in local conflicts. It`s inevitable problem for small countries where wars and local conflicts can erupt out of nowhere. It`s also can be viewed as a piece of cake for Illuminati. They worship wars, and they make money out of wars. Thousands of innocent lives can be rated as inevitable sacrifices for money and power. Moreover, even members of Illuminati can partake in wars as commanders from both sides.


Drugs Illuminati

Smuggling, selling and creating drugs is one of the main sources of income for Illuminati. The lower members of Illuminati have deals with agents of Mafia in various cities. Illuminati understands the rules of gangs and even take part in the infiltrations to the gangs. Nevertheless, they prefer to save a good relationship with gang leaders and even introduce them the secrets of the brotherhood. Therefore, gang leaders may become members of Illuminati and continue their criminal deeds for many years. Illuminati has protection from police forces and local authorities. They prefer to cooperate with Illuminati as it also provides them great extra income to their pockets.

Creating drugs is also kind of business they prefer to participate. They can perfectly create their own drugs for using. It`s quite cheaper and provides more income for Illuminati. They can also make some kind of experience to create more addictive types of drugs. The more addictive drugs are, the more income it may provide to the order. Therefore, Illuminati praise members of the order who can provide more addictive drugs and more income to Illuminati. The drugs have been using as the tool for income for hundreds of years by Illuminati. Therefore, they do not desire to leave this kind of majestic business.

Moreover, Illuminati use drugs in their everyday sessions. It`s quite a useful tool for controlling the members. They can even provide drugs for children to make them behave from the very young age. It can also be used as a tool for power. You may not understand how many politicians and famous people are dependent on drugs. They can be quite useful sources of influence and power for the world. Therefore, it`s in power of Illuminati to leave these people on their addictions for the time of usefulness. Nevertheless, producing drugs is quite expansible. Therefore, members of the order should provide some profitable guaranties for using the drugs.

Military access codes

Military access codes

There is no question more reliable for people as security. Therefore, the main security for the country is military. The modern warfare dictates new conditions for waging wars. One of the conditions is information. The main source is information. Therefore, the biggest information for the military is military codes. Illuminati prefers to infiltrate military bases to seek out the military codes and sell them to the other sides. The exchange for money or goods is valuable information. Moreover, if they get military codes, then they can run valuable information and threat people with this information. Try to imagine how vulnerable the politics and military. One simple code can change the history of humanity.

Illuminati uses military codes not only for exchange of money. They can also save it for some kind of goods and new information connected to the world leaders. They have representatives in military ranks all over the world. Therefore, sometimes, people just fight wars for money. Illuminati has council meetings connected to the overall state of power balance in the world. One of the best solutions is to understand that they do not desire to destroy humanity as they are part of the humanity itself. Still, they need to keep the balance of power to limit countries from killing each other.

The accounts for military access in the world is highly encrypted. There is hardly any hacker who can enter the secrets of the Illuminati. They prefer to keep their secrets and sources of money very deep. Moreover, if any hacker tries to infiltrate the system, then he might be given a choice either die or become a member of Illuminati. They can simply use these genius computer thieves in their dark deeds. Nevertheless, Illuminati hackers can drove the information out of the servers. Therefore, if you have computer skills and can easily infiltrate any kind of military bases, then you have a right way to Illuminati grasps.



Yes, we have slavery in the modern era. It`s not quite often seen by mere people, but it`s existed. Illuminati provides slavery for many kinds of business. One of the most profitable specialization in slavery is sex slavery. On the black market, it`s possible to buy any kind of man or woman for sex. It can be even a child. Some of the wealthy people of the world buy slaves for private collections like sex toys or animals. Other prefer some kind of work power to work on black factories and provide profit to the masters. Slavery is a nice kind of business which has been practicing for centuries. Therefore, Illuminati may have some kind of experience for forcing people to work.

Black Market of Organs

The human body is a valuable source of money. People all over the world are suffering from insufficient funds of human body parts. Illuminati tries to provide poor on health, but wealthy on money citizens of the earth, some transplant organs. Therefore, they need some kind of people willing to make some charitable donations to the humanity. These charitable donations often include livers, hearts, lungs, parts of a spine, other bones. It means that people can be sold for organs. It`s cruel, but this business is profitable. Therefore, Illuminati can easily use this kind of business to contribute their dark deeds.



One of the biggest paranoia of the twenty-first century. Any kind of disease may considerably be lethal for a human if this disease is not cured. Illuminati might have got their hands dirty in the case of creating viruses and anti-virus vaccines. Pharmacology is a great business for all. People will always catch colds or even more complicated viruses. Therefore, it`s quite useful to create these viruses and get people healed by “new” vaccines, which they will buy. There is no shame in using illness as one of the main sources for money for Illuminati. Moreover, they can also test new ways of killing and curing people all the time. They can try to test new military upgrades in the field with no consequences for them. People may suffer a lot from using that method of killing, but who cares if the flow of money is still streaming to Illuminati.



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