How much does it cost to feed prisoners in Nigeria?

What do you know about prisons in Nigeria? How well Nigerians are feed in prisons? Read more to find out!

prisoners are treated in jails of Nigeria

How well prisoners are treated in jails of Nigeria? How much money do Nigerians spend for feeding the criminals? According to Othman Musa, who is the Assistant Prisons controller, every prisoner is provided by N400 for a meal. He also expressed his dissatisfaction as frequent adjournments provided to prisoners helps them escape jail. Moreover, the prison structure of the country is old and ruining. There is hardly a chance to save prisoners in jail. Therefore, the jailbreak is not rare in the country. Especially, when it`s needed to note that most of the prisons in Nigeria were constructed in the colonial era. Therefore, the buildings’ minim age is about one hundred years.

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Othman Musa

Othman Musa also expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of rooms for imprisoners. Many prisons have a congestion within their walls. When the room in the prison can hold no more than ten inmates, there are twenty at least if not forty. The controller also provided his concern about people who recently left prison. The criminal background and overall situation in prison is a hard burden for them. Therefore, they prefer to return to criminal activity and have a jail sentence rather than live free. That`s the reason why relatives, friends, and society should be attentive and provided help to an ex-convict.

risons which have more than one hundred years of  history

Therefore, the overall situation with prisoners and prisons in Nigeria is horrible. The prisons which have more than one hundred years of  history can barely help to save prisoners within their borders. Moreover, the rooms in prisons are overcrowded. It`s not a rare case that prisoners can escape the prison. Moreover, the overall payment for a prison meal for a day is N400, which is not sustainable for a healthy nutrition. Nevertheless, the administrations of prisons can swear that they provide all necessary provision according to N1200 per day per prisoner.

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