How to become a yahoo boy?

What do you know about famous yahoo boys that provided scammer attacks? How to become a yahoo boy.

Yahoo boys

How to become one of the famous scammers known as Yahoo boys? Anyone with email got from them a message about a tremendous amount of money hidden in some bank accounts in the world, and you can have part of this money if you allow some information about yourself. The name of these Yahoo boys is 419 scams. Who are these Yahoo Boys that stand behind scams attacks on the Yahoo email accounts? One of the Journalists tried to track down these Scammers in Nigeria. This Journalist is Sarah Lacy that made investigation about suspicious activity from the Nigerian domain and reports about lottery winners.

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 group of the 419ers

Nevertheless, this journalist only managed to dig some piece of information about these Yahoo boys. Yahoo-Yahoo Boys seems to try to scam the entire planet with their messages. Still, according to Joshua Oyeniyi Aransiola, a sociologist who also tried to discover the truth behind the idea of a mysterious group of the 419ers, this group is now a little less mysterious. He managed to conduct a detailed interview with more than forty Yahoo Boys.

According to Aransiola information, Yahoo Boy Format is much expected in reality. They are young men in their twenties. Yahoo boys have computer skills to work with scamming and they have some undergraduate education. Yahoo Boys can be the site as wearing luxury cloth, driving flashy cars and listening loud music.

Transparency International

Moreover, according to the anti-corruption organization as Transparency International, Nigeria is rated 143rd out of 182 countries worldwide. Therefore, Yahoo boys have some little problems with getting their money from one bank account to another. Bribes can be even paid to the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, so they could close their eyes when it was needed to provide the clear path for the Yahoo Boys. Yahoo boys’ names are secret for the society, but open to the life. Yahoo Boys websites can make thousands of dollars.

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