Nigeria vs. Kenya: What's the reason of a social media war?

Why Kenya and Nigeria started a new social media war? How did Mark Zuckerberg become a new reason for war? Read the article to find out!

The new social media war

The new social media war clashed between Nigeria and Kenya. This one appears to happen after Mark Zuckerberg visiting of Nigeria last week. The Billionaire did desire to start a fire between two nations. Nevertheless, it seems that Kenyans on Twitter clashed with Nigerians on Twitter due to this visit. Now the war is continuing, and there is no end for trolling of both sides. Mark Zuckerberg met with Nigerian authorities and entrepreneurs. He also expressed his gratitude for the friendly and welcome atmosphere of the Nigerian people. In one of his speeches, he expressed a great hope for the technology development in Nigeria.


#KenyavsNigeria is a starting hashtag of the war. The first bullet was shot after the twit where Zuckerberg enjoyed fish at Mama Oliech. The starter of the war can be named a Twitter sensation Xtian Dela. From his tweet, everything started and now #KenyavsNigeria is one of the popular Twits at least in Africa. It was not so long ago when people ended the war for the sake of peace, but Mark Zuckerberg`s visit was not unnoticed. The trolling keeps going on and Nigerians firing at Kenya. Some of the twits can be truly offensive and lack of any humor.


XtianDela started the hashtag #KenyavsNigeria and also started a war. The last time the intense social media conflict erupted seven years ago when Harambee Stars of Kenya had been provided with poor accommodations in Nigeria. At that time, the most popular hashtags of war were #SomeonetellNigeria and #SomeonetellKenya. The similarities of war are obvious, both rivals fire to the proudest points of another. If Nigeria is proud of Nollywood, then Kenyans troll the Nollywood movie style. If Kenya is proud of their marathon athletes, Nigerians troll them. Both rivals try to use irony and sarcasm as well as malevolence for this particular social media war.

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