Nigerian North East undergoes the worst food crisis in the history

What are the main reasons of the worst food crisis in Nigeria? Who is going to change this situation and how? Read the article to learn all details about a large food crisis in Nigeria.

food crisis in Nigeria

The expert committee declared growth of level of food crisis in Nigeria, especially in the Northeast region of Borno, which faces a problem characterized as the worst case of hunger and malnutrition in the world. By estimates of the econimists, about 4.5 million people need help, from which one million is exposed to risk of extreme malnutrition. Experts say that this is the worst food crisis in the history of the country. Speaking about results, economic expert Arjan de Wagt said: ‘We didn't find the correct words, which would describe the actual size of problem in a modern Nigeria. People are completely disconnected from trade routes and aren't able to receive food. Badly eating children have a high risk of death. For children in Borno this risk is much higher because they have no proper food and there is no health care at all. That is why we have an outbreak of serious diseases like poliomyelitis. He noted that the number of people coming to the highest level of malnutrition constantly increased at least on one million.

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Muhammadu Buhari

The UN warned if the authorities don't react to the current situation, the country could face a great hunger. Decrease in production level and drop in oil prices struck Nigerian economy very strongly. There is hardly enough money for basic needs in the country. The UN declared that they can't manage without the aid of the world community. Regional coordinator of the UN said: ‘Trade stopped and people are afraid to come to fields once again. Besides, deliveries of food decreased. And those products that reach the markets are in 3 times more expensive than several months ago, and many people aren't able to afford to purchase it. In general, it is also the reasons of strong hunger in Nigeria. Violence became ordinary. Among troubles of simple Nigerians, there are fighters of Boko Haram. Extremists created the kingdom of terror in the northeast of the country. Explosions and murders, attacks and stealing are widespread. The fear of group forced thousands of people to run'.

'Boko Haram makes terrible things. When we ran from them, we threw patients on the way because of fear. Someone left their children to be saved. According to the humanitarian organizations, a situation is critical in 15 refugee camps in Borno State. About 300 thousand people live there in the conditions of constant hunger. The camps are scattered on the remote and unsafe areas. And some are located in the conflict zones. In June the government declared emergency in the region because of hunger and shortage of food. UN gave 13 million dollars for Nigeria to fight with this. It is hardly enough to support hundreds of thousands of people in need. All our troubles exist because of shortage of food and water. People are ill and die because of hunger. There isn't enough money. Fighters of Boko Haram terrorize the northeast of Nigeria for 6 years. During this time 20 thousand people became the victims of their violence. About 2 and a half million left their houses in search of safe life. And all this is in the middle of economic crisis, which Nigeria faced because of decrease in world oil prices in recent years’.

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