What are the best Nigerian newspapers online?

Today anyone can read any newspaper he wants because many of them are online. But, first of all, let’s find out the role of media.

Newspaper online

What’s the role of media?

Nowadays are called the information age, because today information is one of the most important values. And its production and distribution is the media's main aim.

Everyone of us knows very well that the role of media in society is invaluable. Today, we can get information about what is happening both on the next street, and on the other side of the world. And we can not only learn, but also get ratings and comments of witnesses and experts. The role of media cannot be overstated because today it is hard to imagine any sphere of life without information relations. It should be noted that the media play a role in shaping public opinion.

The value of the media in modern society cannot be overestimated. They are so firmly established in our everyday life that we even cannot imagine our existence without them.

The concept of the media in the XXI century is familiar even to a child. From the point of view of sociology, media - social institutions engaged in the collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of information on a massive scale. From the perspective of political science, the media - it is also a way of political propaganda, agitation and political manipulation of the population.

Newspaper online

With the development of modern technology, developed the media as well. Classic media (newspapers, magazines and other periodicals) got new competitors - radio, TV, and then the Internet.

There are some types of media:

press (newspapers, magazines);

book publishing;

news agencies;



film, video, sound recording;

the Internet.

From the point of view of some researchers, the development of some social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Classmates, Twitter) allows to add them as another separate type of media.

The essence of the media lies in the fact that their information is not for one person but for the whole society.

What are Nigerian newspapers online?

Newspaper online

Nigeria developed a wide range of media. Newspapers haven’t become exclusion. This is the list of Top 50 Nigeria newspapers:

1    Vanguard (Delta)

2    The Punch (National)

3    The Nation

4    Sahara Reporters

5    This Day

6    The Guardian

7    The Sun (Lagos)

8    Premium Times

9    Nigerian Tribune

10    Daily Trust (Abuja)

11    PM News (Lagos)

12    Leadership Nigeria (Abuja)

13    Daily Post (Lagos)

14    Daily Independent (Abuja & Lagos)

15    The Sun News Online (Ismahi)

16    Naij.com (Lagos)

17    Channels Television

18    Daily Times (Lagos & Abuja)

19    Next (National)

20    National Mirror Newspapers (National)

21    The Advocate (Enugu)

22    Nigerian Pilot (Abuja)

23    Nigeria World

24    Businessday News

25    Osun Defender (Osun)

26    New Telegraph (Lagos State)

27    The Nigerian Observer (Edo State, Benin City)

28    Daily Newswatch

29    Complete Sports (Oyo, Ibadan, Lagos Abuja)

30    New Telegraph (Abuja, Lagos)

31    The People's Daily (National)

32    The Breaking Times (Lagos, Portharcourt, South East Nigeria, Kano & Northern Nigerian States)

33    Blueprint (Abuja & Northern Nigeria)

34    DailyMirror Nigeria

35    National Daily Newspaper (Lagos)

36    Business News

37    The Tide (River State)

38    The Authority Newspaper (Abuja, Lagos)

39    Daily Post Nigeria

40    The Union (Lagos)

41    The Abuja Inquirer (Abuja, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Asaba, Kaduna)

42    National Accord (Abuja)

43    Champion News

44    Daily Onus (Abuja, Enugu)

45    BiafraNigeriaWorld

46    Tell (Lagos)

47    The Times of Nigeria (Abuja)

48    The Abuja Voice

49    36Naija (Bayelsa)

50    Nigeria 24 News

We want to distinguish the best Nigerian online newspapers:

•    VANGUARD Media Limited

Newspaper online

 Vanguard Media Limited, publishers of Vanguard Newspapers was established in 1984 by Mr. Sam Amuka.

As at today, the paper has in its stable, the Daily Vanguard, Saturday Vanguard and Sunday Vanguard.  It has since added other titles taken care of specialized interests. These include Financial Vanguard, Allure, Sweet Crude, Hitech, Sports Vanguard and Cyber life.  These titles are so-product specific that no serious policy maker, businessman, Politician, student and/or interests groups would ignore. Major among Vanguard’s features include Sports, Advertising, Management and marketing, Maritime, Energy, Hi-tech and Computer, Aviation, Business and Banking, Tourism, Health, Labour, Human Angle and Women affairs, Politics, Education and Insurance. Categorically, it is a newspaper with a penetrating reach to all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria which is today complemented by the most sophisticated, global readership through the internet address http:/www.vanguardngr.com. Vanguard is a reference point in sports journalism. We dare say that we serve the menu hot and fresh in this area and a high level of professionalism is used, thus, this is too obvious to warrant any serious argument.
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•    The Nation

This newspaper was established on Monday, July 31, 2006. It’s a quality, national, newspaper with credible and dependable information.  Not beholden to any interest group. Loyalty is to the nation.

Their aim is to be Nigeria’s newspaper of the first choice among discerning readers.

They focus on:

•    Business and Economy

•    Public Policies

•    The Democratic Process and Institutions of Democracy

•    Sports

•    Arts & Culture

•    Fashion & Lifestyle

•    World Affairs

•    Education, Health, Law

•    Commentaries

Newspaper online

Some interesting facts about the Nation:

•    The most national newspaper with very strong presence in all the geo-political zones, thus making THE NATION Nigeria’s truly national newspaper.

•    The highest circulating newspaper in Port Harcourt, Calabar, Uyo, Yenogoa, Ado Ekiti,/Akure, Abeokuta, Jos/Bauchi, Makurdi, and Ilorin.

•    The fourth leading newspaper in Lagos, the nation’s commercial center.

•    The first on the newsstands nationwide.

•    Compact layout and colorful pages.

•    The unique style of reporting and writing: elevated language, concise – yet detailed analysis, and clarity of thought.

  • The Punch

The Punch newspaper was founded by two friends,James Aboderin, an accountant, and Sam Amuka, a columnist and editor at the Daily Times of Nigeria. Amuka became the first editor of the Sunday Punch. In November 1976, a few years after the first print of its Sunday edition, the duo started printing their trademark daily newspaper. Both editions were designed to favour a friendlier apolitical approach to news reporting, combining footage of social events with the everyday political news. The paper sustains itself by delving into broad issues that interest myriad people.

However, during the twilight of the Second Republic, political exigencies had introduced conflicts to its original intentions, Aboderin and Amuka parted ways due partly to political conflicts. Aboderin later secured the support of his former foe, M.K.O. Abiola, after the latter left the NPN. The paper began to take on a political stance, mostly against the Shagari regime. Supposedly, days before the end of the administration of Shagari, a couple of punch editors were aware of a coup approaching and injected strong anti-government tones in their reporting.

Newspaper online

  • The Sun news online

The newspaper was established on January 18, 2003 with the week publications, and on June 16, 2003 it went daily.  They try to be a dominant media content provider and entertainment company in Nigeria and Africa through the pursuit of excellence in delivering innovative and quality media and entertainment products. They practice journalism in the classical tradition of presenting the news and features in an exciting style, with impact, objectivity and appeal that generate returns to all stakeholders: the society, the investors and the practitioners.

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