What illuminati means?

What Illuminati means in their control over the world? Should we fear about Illuminati control? Do Illuminati members pose a real threat?

modern Illuminati

The modern Illuminati is a secret society which desires to create the control over the world with total control and united monetary system to control. Illuminati members are provided to be the united nation which plans to create this total control over other people. Therefore, Illuminati membership can`t be underestimated. People who are members of this secret society can have every type of power they desire, but at the same time they are quite a dependent form the society of Illuminati and can`t leave it. Being Illuminati means a tremendous amount of power, but it also means having a tremendous amount of dependence and responsibility.

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Illuminati History

Illuminati History

There is no certain answer to the question about the history of Illuminati. The most popular version of their creation is connected to the second half of the XVIII century and Adam Weishaupt, the professor of Ingoldstadt University. Nevertheless, this date can`t say much more about Illuminati history. It only describes the point when Illuminati started their new doctrine. In this period of history, they managed to acquire the current state of things. Illuminati Cult has much more deep roots. Some conspiratology theorists provide information that Illuminati order has a history of more than six thousand years. It`s a period before Noah. It was a time when ancient priests had powers over other people and society was constructed on the ideas of overpowering of gods. There is also a legend about the sacred book that was given to Egyptian priests. This book provided knowledge and power to acquire control over people. These powers and the content of the book can be named as a super-secret until the last days. It can also be recognized as a power to create everything new. They also acquired the power to control the wheel of history and have powers to stop it if they desire.

Illuminati members

In other theories which provide some, not that crucial facts, Illuminati was created in the Middle-Ages as a secret scientist cult that fights with inquisitors and church. The most noticeable names for this theory are Isaac Newton, Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei and Leonardo da Vinci. One of the French historians managed to collect some information about secret societies of the middle edges in his book “The Forged History,” where he described the secret society of Illuminati. At the very beginning of the history, it just resembled a secret unity of scientists. Nevertheless, the roots of this society go deep to the antique era.

The fact that Illuminati was created before the 18th century can be provided by the idea of the Snake Brotherhood. One of the names for the Snake Brotherhood was Illuminati. According to different scientists, this brotherhood made a symbol of the snake. The snake resembles on the many scientists' symbols. It`s also a united symbol for all scientist and especially pharmacology. Nevertheless. Some people believe that this symbol can only mean Devil. Therefore, Illuminati symbols include devil, and many believers decide that Illuminati members worship devil as their primary god and savior.

symbol can only mean Devil

Bavarian Illuminati came into a scene in the 18th century. The first Bavarian Illuminati members came into play on the first of May 1776. It`s not easy to imagine, but the first order of Illuminati had only five members. Nevertheless, Illuminati cult had a fantastic development speed. In the further three years, they had four branches of the secret society and more than three hundred members. Two more years gave Illuminati six hundred more members. By the time of 1782, Bavarian Illuminati had branches in Poland, Holland, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, France, Russia, USA, Great Britain and its colonies.

The Grand Masters of the order had majestic pseudonyms: Weishaupt was nicknamed as Spartacus, the Baron Knigge – Philo, Professor Westenrieder was called Pythagoras, the bookseller Nicola was named Lucian, Gurgel was called Mari, the solicitor Zwack was named Caton. The Grand Masters had specific tasks and missions for everyone in the order. Illuminati order managed to collect many people from high society and plant the ideas about a reformation of the science, politics, and the world order.  To mention the power of the Illuminati order, it should be named people, like Prince David, Dukes Ernest II, Karl August of Weimar, Ferdinand of Brunswick, Pestalozzi.

Illuminati order

Nevertheless, rising of secret societies provided a real threat to the Monarch. Therefore, it was created a ban on the activities of secret societies. It means that in 1786 Bavarian Illuminati stopped their official existence. The police raided their houses and temples.  It brought to the view more valuable information that the Illuminati was founded by Rothschild family. It brought some facts that Illuminati rapid rise of influence was based not only on Adam Weishaupt`s charisma, but also great financial flows of rich families in the Old and new world with connections throughout all continents.

What illumination means today?

What illumination means today?

Illuminati members are usually representatives of old and rich families. According to some statistics, at least thirty richest families of the world can be named Illuminati. The families of the richest Illuminati can be called dark elite of society. They provide the decision for family and friends of governments and other elites of the societies. There is no country in the world that can be free out of their influence. The Illuminati legacy can be traced back to the thousands of years. Illuminati secrets are known to the very narrow circle of people. It`s said that their riches are based on the secret knowledge.

Fritz Springmeier provided the information about the most influential families of Illuminati in his book “Illuminati Family.” He mentioned a list of thirteen families, like Astor, Bundy, Du Pont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyne and Merovingian. Merovingian is referred to all Royal Families of old Europe. Four families are most likely connected to them, like Reynolds, Disney, Croup and Mac Donald. Therefore, as it was mentioned, the powerful families of all the world stand at the starting wheel of the world secret cult –Illuminati.

secret cult –Illuminati

The secret knowledge about Illuminati produced many rumors. Some of them might be true, where others are a complete lie. It`s a difficult task to line up the different correct line between them. Some conspiratologists give theories about secret agreements between Illuminati and representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. There are also rumors that representatives of Nazi Germany were members of Illuminati. They conduct horrible experiments on humans. It`s hard to believe in these stories. Nevertheless, Illuminati members have enough financial resources to provide any information about their cult. They may create false facts about their actions and at the same time hide real deeds.

Illuminati means The New World Order

Illuminati means The New World Order

The final goal for the Illuminati is taking control over all population of the Earth and providing The New World Order. It means the unification of all countries according to one law, one government, one nation and financial system. They will not rest until the whole planet is under their control. The basis of this New World is a synthesis of the culture, religion, and financial system. It also includes a united financial system and currency. The control of all world with the system of advanced computers. It also means that every individual of the humanity should be controlled and tracked. There will be no idea for the personal life. Everything should be tracked.

On the other hand, this world may provide us total security about everything. It will not be possible to make any crime as all crimes will be taped. Nevertheless, it may only create an illusion of freedom. Therefore, some people may rebel against this illusion. These rebellions will not be tolerated, and bloodshed will be the only available response to the strikes. Therefore, people will be divided into two categories, the ones who rule and the ones who serve the rulers.

Freemasons and Illuminati

Freemasons and Illuminati

Who are Freemasons and Illuminati to each other? It`s quite a question for both parties. It should be mentioned that they had and have some misunderstandings during history periods. According to history lessons, we know that Nazi Germany hunted Jews all around continents. Nevertheless, what we do not know is that many of that Jews were members of Freemasons and many of the Nazis were members of Illuminati. Therefore, we can decide that from some points of the history these two secret organizations conducted wars against each other.

Illuminati and The Secret World Government

Illuminati and The Secret World Government

Illuminati can be translated from Latin as bright and Enlighted. There is also a theory that this name of the organization is derived from the Lucifer. As it was mentioned in the Bible, Lucifer can be translated as the holder of the light or the most Enlighted.  Therefore, it comes to the suggestions, which Illuminati means servants of Lucifer. The modern Illuminati are an elite club for everything connected with rumors and secrets. It`s not a surprise that everybody in the order has a desire to control more territory and obtain more power. It`s a tough game, where rates are high, and it`s better to be on the top of the pyramid than at the ground. Being Illuminati means to conduct constant fight for the power.

Illuminati secrets

Illuminati couldn`t be a secret society if it did not have own secrets about everything. They do not provide any the information about their order. Tracing any part of their income is hard. Moreover, according to some sources, the overall richness of all members of Illuminati is much high then the money of all other people in the world. It`s not a secret that they plan to take the full control over the world and not be just gray cardinals. Nevertheless, they still have not managed to seize the whole control over the world, but they are on the way. Do we desire to become puppets of Illuminati or we can resist them?

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