What is the story of Eiye Confraternity's leader arrested by the police? 

The police arrested Ibrahim Balogun who is one of notorious cultists in Eiye Conreternity? What Small JPron has to say?

Small JPron

The police recently arrested one of the cultists Ibrahim Balogun. For a member of the cult Eiye Confraternity, he was also known as Small JPron. The Lagos police confirm that the cultist is accused in murdering and robbery. Nevertheless, the cultist confessed that since his joining the cult Eiye Confraternity in 2009, he killed three people. According to his testimony, he joined the cult at the beginning of 2009. The reason of joining was revenge. He desired to avenge the death of his friend Folorunsho, who died at the hands of rival group Aiye Confraternity. The former cultist confessed that he had revenge upon his friend.

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cult clashes

The cult clashes started earlier this year in Lagos. It seems that the war between rival groups will not have the end. The police are trying their best to keep the situation under control. The arrest of Ibrahim Balogun is certainly a good sign for society. Although, Small JPron admits that he has been to prison twice. The third coming jail would not change much. He also described how he killed the people who had murdered his friend.  According to his words, two of them were cut down with a knife, while the last one got a bullet into the head.

police arrested not only Small JPron

The police arrested not only Small JPron. Along with this criminal, the jail becomes a home for seventeen more cultists. The police also searched the area where cultists were hiding. From their sanctuary, it was recovered a plenty amount of weapons, mortices, credit card and stolen purses. It seems like the cultist tried to find shelter not only in an eternal world but also in material one. Returning to Ibrahim Balogun, he confessed that he has regrets about joining the Eiye Confraternity. He never felt like he belonged in the cult and hated everything they do. His primary target was a becoming a cult leader and obtaining the power in his hands.

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