What makes Nigerian ladies become prostitutes?

A number of Nigerian women are engaged in prostitution? It is just a way of making money or something more? Read this article to find out!


Prostitution is considered as the business or practice of engaging in sexual relations in exchange for payment or some other benefit. Nowadays it’s a serious problem in certain regions of Nigeria. Let’s figure out what factors push young Nigerian girls to engage in this venture.



This factor is the most common reason why ladies go into prostitution all over the world. Someone who comes from a poor family and who does not have any other way to survive and avoid hunger and living on the street sometimes find prostitution as a unique measure to solve problems.

Lack of parental care


A number psychologists claim that a lot of people engaged in prostitution find it as a replacement of relations with their relatives.
Also, children with no one to guide them on morals and other important subjects are more likely to be open to accepting anything they are taught outside or on television.

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It sounds ridiculous but many young girls having been dumped decide that love does not exist and prostitution is a way of expressing the disrespect to their personalities. They might not realize this fact, often explaining that prostitution is just a job.



Girls from extremely poor backgrounds are deceived or forced into prostitution by criminals, pimps and sometimes their own family members. These girls are sold as sex slaves or held captive by prostitution rings and are often not even allowed to get any of the money that clients pay.

There are numerous reasons for engaging in prostitution and we need to understand that the main reason is our society. People tend to think that everything can be bought or sold, even the human body.

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