Footballers - who are illuminati?

Who of footballers has was suspected as participant of Illuminati because of his gestures? Read the article and you’ll learn strange facts.

Footballers and illuminati, at first sight, these are – incompatible things. However often famous football players are suspected of participle in Masonic lodge. Especially it concerns the most successful players or those who were a participant of some strange story. This is a little list of Nigerian illuminati footballers.

Footballers who are illuminati

List of footballers who are members of illuminati

Mikel Obi

Mikel Obi was born on April 22, 1987, in Jos, Nigeria. He is a halfback of English club 'Chelsea' and national team of Nigeria.

List of footballers

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He began official club career at the age of 12 years after was chosen among more than 3000 young players to play in football academy 'Pepsi'. At that time, his team was known that it looked for young players and future stars across all Nigeria to help them to get to professional soccer. Then Obi has managed to attract scouts.

who are members of illuminati

Mikel debuted in national team of Nigeria on August 17, 2005, having come for replacement in the second half in friendly match against Liberia, which has come to an end with the score 1-0. He hasn't played for national team again in spite of the fact that he was included in team's line-up on the Cup of the African nations of 2006. In the first game of Nigeria against Ghana, Mikel remained on a bench. However, in the second game against Zimbabwe he came on field at the beginning of the second half. Within ten minutes after coming on replacement, he has given corner kick, after which Christian Obodo opened the score in match, and has scored the second goal of national team of Nigeria.

List of footballers who are members of illuminati

In the final match of group stage against Senegal, which has ended with a victory 2-1, Mikel for the first time left in starting lineup of national team. During tournament, Mikel was advised not to comment his club career. FIFA made investigation of the fact that Obi was threatened with death.

In 2013 as a part of national team of Nigeria, Mikel became the owner of the Cup of African nations where he left on the field in 6 tournaments including in the final, in which Nigeria has beaten Burkina Faso with the score 1-0.

The football player has a photo where he shows Masonic gesture. It has caused suspicion that he is one of members of Illuminati.

illuminati footballers

Asamoah Gyan

Asamoah Gyan is a Ghana football player. In November 2003 at the age of 17 years, Gyan has scored the first goal as part of national team of Ghana in match against Somalia, thus having become the youngest player for all history of the national team, who has scored a goal.

Asamoah Gyan is the author of the first goal of Ghana in final part of the World Cup in 2006. It was the fastest goal of that championship scored on the 68th second in the match against Czech Republic, which took place on June 17, 2006.

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As a part of the national team of Ghana, he participated in the Olympic Games of 2004 (the 3rd place in B group).

In January 2008, during the Cup of the African nations after unconvincing victory over Namibia with the score 1:0, Asamoah and his brother under the influence of criticism have made decision to leave the national team. It became known later that brothers have packed things and were ready to leave, when teammates have persuaded them to stay.

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In the Cup of the African nations 2010 Gyan became the author of three of four goals scored by the national team on tournament. Ghana has taken the second place.

At one of press conferences, Gyan has been suspected of participation in magic rituals. Though this information wasn't confirmed, it has caused a lot of disputes on the fact that football player is involved in Masonic society.


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Football is one of the most popular sports that are addicted to the majority of men and women is not an exception. There are a lot of successful players who have achieved a lot in this area of sport. My husband is very fond of football, and already can also identify where illyuminatov..Konechno play not fair it's not right, but now everyone beats their place under the sun as you can. And it is not surprising that this is, although it seems at first glance incompatible. I was very interested to read the article, I think many will support me.

Answered 8 months ago.

Striker Liverpool's Nathan Eccleston, apparently, have to talk with the club management about his strange tweets.

The reserve team player has attracted attention, saying in a tweet that September 11, 2001 was the result of chance, the responsibility for which should be borne by the organization called "the Illuminati".

20-year-old forward told about this to his readers in the 10-year anniversary of the tragedy.

"I'm not calling for attacks, but don't let the media convince you that it was done by terrorists. #O. T. I. S." – wrote in his Twitter Eccleston. O. T. I. S. in this case probably means "Only The Illuminati Succeed" only the Illuminati succeed.

The Illuminati has received wide popularity after Dan brown's bestseller "Angels and demons". It is believed that this secret organization ruling the world, pulling the strings of the governments of the leading countries and transnational corporations.

"The club treats it very seriously. Guide "Liverpool" put Nathan Eccleston aware of the fact that it intends to investigate the circumstances under which appeared the tweet, and then decide what to do in the future"

Answered 8 months ago.
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