Should football be banned? Pros and cons of the game

Should football become a forbidden kind of sport? What are the principal pros and cons of the world’s most popular sport? Read the article to find out!


   Football or soccer is the most popular kind of sport in the world. Every country has a national team and a huge base of football fans.
   The live streams of football collect millions of spectators in front of the screens. From day to day it becomes popular even in the countries where there are not a lot of soccer teams. For example, in Canada and United States.
   But have you ever thought of a possibility of this dramatic game to be banned?

Let’s revise some pros and cons of the world’s most favored sport!

International relations


   Like in an old times football with its world and international championships brings countries together.
   Don’t forget about the multinationality of each football club. They become an organizations where different cultures meat each other. No doubt, it’s a positive aspect.

Aggressive fans


   But speaking of football fans, they can be very vicious from time to time. Conflicts between the fan clubs are usual happenings in football world.
   It’s a very negative aspect when you come to the stadium and try to peacefully enjoy the game.

Affordable sport


   Everybody knows that it only takes a ball, a field and the players to play soccer. It’s the most played game on the school backyards and children like football as an activity to play just nearby their houses.

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football injury

   The potential for injury greatly increases when you take a part in this athletic event. The most common football traumas are the knee injury and the sprain.

Staying in good shape

cristiano ronaldo

   Playing football regularly improves your lungs and general physical condition. Football players are real athletes and they spend a lot of time training their muscles for a better and easier body control during the games.

As you can see there are more pros than cons of football. Banning this game would be the one of the most ridiculous and senseless things to do.

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