Which wrestler has the longest career?

What do you know about which wrestler has the longest career? Do you like wrestling? Do you want to know that? Then read the article!

What are wrestling and WWE?

It`s quite fascinating to see big men crushing skulls of other big men, but some people it can be called a job. Still, there are many men who wished to be wrestlers. They could be wearing funny costumes around the house and perform wrestlers tricks in their homes. Still, it can be quite interesting for children to see their idols grew up with them. Nevertheless, who are the wrestlers with the longest career? Who could be in honour of for a man throughout his childhood, puberty period and manhood? It`s quite a tricky question as there are not many superstars in WWE who stayed there for quite long.

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What are wrestling and WWE?

Entertainment is what was provided and publically traded. WWE is a publically traded privately controlled company that concentrated directly on professional wrestling. It`s major revenue sources come from direct product sales, product licensing, video games, music and films. WWE is also considered as the professional wrestling promotion.  This company was founded by Toots Mondt and Jess McMahon in 1952. By 2016 it was the largest company event connected to the wrestling promotion. More than 36 million viewers in more than 150 countries. It was one of the first and the biggest for today`s wrestling promotion company in the world.

Championships all over the world

Championships all over the world

WWE Universal Championship

It`s the world heavyweight championship that is created and promoted by WWE promotion company. This brand of in the honour of WWE Universe. It`s one of the most recent championships in WWE, and it was established on July 25, 2016. It should have been the world championship of the Raw brand. The creation of WWE Universal Championship was provided by the subsequent draft and the brand extension. This promotion of the exclusive brand title was a probe to SmackDown.

WWE United States Championship

As it comes from the name, this championship is promoted and organised by the American professional wrestling promotion WWE. WWE United States Championship started as a regional championship. This championship was introduced to the world on January 1, 1975. The revival of the United States Championship was presented to SmackDown in 2003. The brand extinction was discontinued in 2011, but it was renewed again in 2016. There have been 81 different champions in the WWE United States Championship. The champion who was the longest in reigning was Lex Luger who led the title for 523 days since the earning.

WWE Raw women`s Championship

It`s women`s professional championship provided by the American professional wrestling promotion WWE. It`s one of the two women`s championship for WWE rooster. It should a SmackDown Women`s Championship on the SmackDown brand. This championship was introduced to the world as the WWE Women`s Championship on April 3, 2016.  It replaced the Divas Championship. It`s one of the most anticipated and welcomed championships for the world wrestling arena. It`s especially fascinating due to its sexual elements as women can show not only perfect wrestling skills but also make it elegantly.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

It`s a professional wrestling championship provided by the American professional wrestling promotion WWE. This championship was promoted for the cruiserweight's champions. It was an evolution with Progress Wrestling and Revolution Pro Wrestling. The final of the Cruiserweight Championship came to T.J. Perkins and Gran Metalik. It was an interesting championship as only super heavyweight athletes were presented there. It means that viewers could witness wrestling of real machines for killing and be provided with a fascinating show. The belt was provided from one hand to another. This championship is still ongoing from the 14 September 2016. 

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

It`s also a new championship that was provided by the American professional wrestling promotion WWE. This championship was originally established as the WWE Tag Championship in 2002. The team of Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle. This championship was introduced to the SmackDown brand as the second title for tag teams. It`s also a new version of the WWE as now wrestlers were presented in teams and could create new ideas for techniques of fighting as teams. Therefore, it provided much more viewers to the championship, and people could enjoy fighting and wrestling of several men at the same time.

WWE Championship

It`s the longest ever known championships that can be possibly provided to the world. One of its fascinating results is a classical idea for wrestling. What it should be and how it should be for the world itself. When super machines fight with each other for achieving best ideas in the world for wrestling companies. That is the reason why people love wrestling in the first place. Two big guys are just smashing skulls for each other with using their bare hands or sometimes weapons. Nevertheless, muscle men in suits will not leave you without feeling of admiration for their work.

Who has the longest career in WWE

Who has the longest career in WWE

A wrestler is considered to have a long career if he/she has been working as a professional wrestler for more than ten years. It`s considered to be quite a long time for a sportsman. Sometimes wrestler might switch wrestling companies and transfer back and forth for winding best options for promotion. Nevertheless, they do not stay in the one wrestling company for more than few years. Therefore, their wrestling career might become short up to ten years. Still, they continue to perform in promotions connected to the WWE and wrestling mania. Moreover, they keep in the wrestling companies as managers and other representatives.

Therefore, it`s quite difficult to name any particular person that have been staying there for more than ten years. Still, in this article, it`s presented a list of professional wrestlers, who have been staying in the arena for more than ten years. Many of these people are professional wrestlers; others are referees and ring announcers. Nevertheless, it should be noted that it`s quite difficult to stay in the same career for the much long time. It`s especially painful for wrestlers who should provide entertainment for public. Still, if they manage to come to the professional arena and make some real money.

Professional wrestlers, referees and ring announcers have the same quality in this top longest wrestling career. They all have more than ten years of experience working in the same sphere. It should be mentioned that they worked through the pain and injuries. It`s especially noticed with professional wrestlers, who had to bear all the problems connected with the audience through the pain. Still, if you ask them, would they like to change the profession, they would give you the straight answer: “No”. It`s what they like the most, and they can`t ignore that they were born for that.

Professional wrestlers

There are not many people who can say that he/she have been staying in the ring for more than one decade. WWE wrestlers are not only the one who worked in that sphere of business and entertainment. There are also other people who can say that they devoted their life to wrestling. It means that they have one of the longest wrestling careers. Their dedication to the WWE sport has been appreciated by many fans of this sport, and they continue to work! There are ten people who worked the longest career in WWE.


Kane killer

It`s one of the most noticeable figures in the WWE. He started to perform in the mid-1990s, but he finally found his true destination in 1997. At that time, he was cast as the Big Red Machine. He has been one of the most notorious WWE figures for the whole career that lasted more than twenty years. He is now 46, but he still prefers performing in wrestling movies. He might be one of the persons who can be in the ring for his entire life and new get retired.

Mark Henry

Mark Henry

At his time of the Olympics in 1996, Mark Henry managed to sign a ten-year contract with WWE. It should be mentioned, that he had never fought a single wrestling match before.  These ten years were largely unnoticed by the audience. He took so many fights during his ten years career that he had to take a year of in 2004 to fix his injuries. Still, in 2005 he returned to the ring with a vengeance. He later became a heavyweight champion in 2011. One of his most noticeable fights was with The Undertaker. He needed more than one decade to become a have weight champion. He is still working with WWE as a wrestler.

Michael Cole

Michael Cole

It`s not a wrestler, but he is noticed as one of the most memorable people in the WWE world. He started to work in WWE as an interviewer since 1990s. He continues to work in this sphere even today. He also worked as one of the announcers for WWE Raw. He even managed to host various TV shows connected with wrestling. Michael Cole is saved as an announcer throughout his career. It`s his voice you might hear almost in every WWE match or championship. He might not be a fighter in the ring, but his voice followed fighters.

Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler

This person has been working for WWE since 1992. He is also known as a strong competitor to Vince McMahon. Maybe people can acknowledge that this person is the longest employee in the wrestling because of his ten-month quit in 2001. Nevertheless, he managed to return to the arena and found more success in WWE. He became famous for his initial success with feud Bret Hart. This person culminated in the King of the Ring tournament. The very reason why Jerry Lawler quit in the first place was his girlfriend, The Kat. This Diva was fired from WWE professional wrestling for some different reasons.

Tripple H

Tripple H

When people first saw Tripple H in the arena, they assumed that this wrestler would have a brilliant career. He started working with WWE projects from the early 1990s, and he proved that he was worthy to be a champion when he was to WWE from WCW. Tripple H was loyal to WWE throughout his long career. He had been offered many tasty contracts that could provide him better salary and job opportunities in WCW or WWF. Still, he remained in the WWE and continued his wrestling career here. He set up one of the examples how it`s possible to be loyal to work throughout the career.

Mike Chioda

Mike Chioda

It`s one of the longest-serving referees in WWE`s history. His career started when he only turned twenty in 1989. Now he is in his late 40s. It seems that he is not going to retire any time soon. He was a referee for the number of WWE matches and spent almost all his life working on the WWE projects. He is the person you might see almost in all Survivor Series and WrestleMania. He is noticeable for the years of servitude to his work which can rarely be seen for people. Still, he seems to enjoy his job working with the strongest wrestlers in the world.

The Undertaker

The Undertaker

He started his professional wrestling career in WCW, but shortly after he joined WWE. He remained in WWE ever since. The Undertaker has been offering much bigger contracts from WCW groups. Still, he rejected them all and continued his fascinating career in WWE. Therefore, fans liked him throughout his career. He is pushing 50 today, but he remains one of the greatest wrestlers in the world and one of the symbols for WWE. There are some questions about him, like when his age would finally give him a problem in continuing the career.

Tony Chimel

Tony Chimel

Tony Chimel became started his WWE career in 1983. Still, at that time he was just a ring technician. Still, he managed to work hard to make his dream true when he finally became a ring announcer. He needed more than eight years to fulfil his dream of becoming a ring announcer. He stayed in WWE as a ring announcer ever since. If you have ever watched WWE championships, you are likely to see this person in the ring or at least hear his voice. He is one of the most dedicated long served employees in the WWE wrestle games.

Kevin Dunn

Kevin Dunn

You might not know who Kevin Dunn is. The reason for this is that he has never been shown on the screen. Still, he is considered to be one of the strongest, loyal and long served employees of WWE. He started working with WWE when it was only the beginning of WWE. He started working with McMahon and this person helped Kevin Dunn in his career. Kevin currently serves as the WWE Board of Directors. He started his career from the small until he became the executive producer of all WWE programming in the early 1990s. From this look, it seems that he has been working with WWE as long as Vince McMahon.

Howard Finkel

Howard Finkel

The person who has been with WWE the longest time is Howard Finkel. He started his career as a ring announcer in 1970s. He was hired to WWE by Vince Mcmahon personally. At this time, Howard Finkel started worked with referred WWWF, which later became WWE. He is also considered to be one of a unique announcer as he is rarely included in scripts and prefer announcing of what`s happening in the ring. Still, his voice is one of the most recognisable by many fans of WWE. He is also one of the most recognisable personas throughout the whole WWE existence. There are many chances that Howard Finkel can be named the most famous WWE ring announcers of all time. He might not be a wrestler in the ring, but he saw all wrestlers who have been in that ring and managed to last much longer that they imagined.

What else can be said?

WWE is not only about wrestlers who keep crushing their skulls on the arena. Still, their work is admirable and can`t be underestimated. People from all around the world gather for looking for their ideas. Nevertheless, WWE is not only wrestlers; but it's also people working with wrestling for all their life. They provide and dedicate their lives to the world and can`t leave their work for a long time. It`s impossible for them to imagine their life without WWE. You also can`t imagine WWE without these persons who create wrestling sport for you. As it was mentioned. It`s a fantastic show that can be provided and understand by the people from all around the world.


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