Who is the world's strongest woman?

Have you ever thought that the world consists not only of strong and powerful men but also from very strong women who even can be much vigorous than the representatives of the strong sex, even who are athletes or bodybuilders.

One of the strongest

Here I would like to tell you about the strongest women in the world:

  • Becca Swanson

Becca Swanson from America managed not only to become the most powerful sportsman among women, but also among the ten strongest people in the world. She won all possible awards in powerlifting and can gain victory over lots of vigorous men.

Here is she

Becca became interested in bodybuilding in the mid 90-ies. This sport became so suitable and adorable for her that she decided to devote all her life to it. This decision proved to be correct and has achieved some results. Six years on, Swanson was invited to participate in the contest "The strongest woman".

This event was a turning point in the fate and career of Becky. In the bench press, she lifted 270 pounds, in the deadlift she mastered 310 pounds, in the squat she lifted and held 387 pounds.

Today Becca Swanson continues to do weightlifting regularly visits the gym and maintains the status of the most powerful women.

  • Anna Kurkurina

Next in the ranking of the most powerful woman in the world is Ukrainian sportswoman who is actually the champion of her country. Going in for bodybuilding Anna Kurkurina began after forty years. She went on such a step because of being dissatisfied with her figure, considering it imperfect and problematic. After five years of diligent training, she gained the desired harmony, but didn't stop there.

As it chanced, she was urged to work in the zoo. The time spent there has greatly changed her temper: she had to do heavy work, carry bags with food for the animals, move the animals from place to place, feed the young predators who have been abandoned by the mother.

Looks like a woman?

At the same time Kurkurina began visiting a gym. By the way, while weightlifting was an exclusively male privilege, women were limited to fitness and aerobics. But she worked together with men, achieving such results that all of them stayed with their mouths open. Later, she began training women: independently choosing training program and exercises. Later, in 1998, she opened a private fitness club and has a channel on YouTube: incidentally very popular.


After hearing about the strongest girl of the planet, Anna decided to find out what she can do to occupy this position and started training. It took two years to prepare the body and now Kurkurina is on the list of the most powerful women in the world.

With her girlfriend

Of course, her body was changing, inevitably it became less feminine. "I'm the strongest woman – but who else should I be? – answered Anna.

  • Lindsay Hayward

Body builder from Miami is not only very strong but also very high. The growth of Lindsay Hayward is more than two meters. She is proud of her anthropometric characteristics and so she consumes a lot of protein products and visits the gym daily.

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Isn't it heavy?

In the bench press, she raises the bar weighing 320 pounds, and can throw a person at a distance. In addition to physical training Lindsay enjoys wrestling - a dangerous and difficult sport.

  • Varvara Akulova

A girl named Barbara Akulova at the time, was inspired by Anna Kurkurina lessons of bodybuilding. Her capabilities are impressive: being only 4 years old, she began to raise the first dumbbell, being 6 years old she might take her father on the back and being 14 years old she defeated three hundred pounds of dead weight.

  • Katie Sandvine

Katie Sandvine was one of the most famous bodybuilders of the last century. The woman raised three men simultaneously. She was very tall and was considered the first female bodybuilder of the early XX century. Katie raised the bell, weighing 130 pounds over her head, tore the steel chains and twisted metal. However, she was very beautiful and had a slim rounded figure.

  • Irene Anderson

Impressive Irene

The strongest woman in Sweden and one of the strongest of the fairer sex is considered to be Irene Anderson. She has been engaged in bodybuilding since15 years and have won numerous awards.

  • Kim Czyżewski

Kim Czyżewski is a legend of America. She was the strongest woman in the world, but now retired from sport and is bringing up children.

  • Rosemary Jennings

How do you like?

American Rosemary Jennings became interested in bodybuilding in childhood. Now she is included in the rating of bodybuilders IFBB and is famous in many countries.

  • Claudia Piras

Last, but not in the achievements is – Brazilian sportsman Claudia Piras. She became engaged in weightlifting and bodybuilding in adulthood, but anyway she reached great heights and won many awards.

Adorable Claudia

Speaking about the competition World's Strongest Woman which was held in Doncaster, England, it can be said that the top three places were occupied by Donna Moore from the United Kingdom (champion), runner-up was Lidia Gynko from Ukraine and the third place was also given to representative from Ukraine - Olga Liashchuk. Congratulations!

Got inspired from such achievements of such beautiful girls? Want to prove the whole world that you can do better as it was done by Ukrainian bodybuilder Anna Kurkurina? Then it’s time to go to the gym and do weightlifting and bodybuilding. Will you dare?


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