Why football is the best sport

What are the main advantages of playing football or just watching it? Read the article and you’ll learn all best sides of this popular game.

Football gain its popularity every year, and quantity of fans become bigger and bigger. What are the main reasons of it?

Why football is the best sport

Why American football is the best sport – 10 reasons

1. Soccer as any other game sport emphasizes national peculiarities of game of specific team. Existence of large number of football players from other countries in the national teams and legionaries in clubs define popularity of soccer in America, Europe and Africa.

2. Soccer is not just sport. It is branch of economy. Total cost of soccer in the world is more than 2.12 trillion dollars. This figure was sounded already in 2011. What its cost nowadays is unknown, but precisely it isn't less. This figure includes football real estate of the whole world: assets of clubs, federations, enterprises, which are turning out football products and services. It is more than all other sport combined.

Why American football is the best sport

3. If you play football at least month, your coordination of movements and endurance of organism will increase. In soccer it is necessary to run, not stand still, of course if you aren't a goalkeeper. However, the goalkeeper needs to move too. Some goalkeepers even scored goals in rival's gate. Thanks to soccer you can improve breath, work of all bodies. At game in soccer, you will consume bigger amount of oxygen than in usual state, because one of the main components of soccer is run. Run is a basis for any active sport.

4. Soccer is an important political factor. Football players lift prestige of the country. The major matches between national teams of the countries are perceived by public as battle and partly satisfy the thirst of wars.

Why American football is the best sport – 10 reasons

5. Opportunities for communication. Soccer is a game, which can raise not only a state of health, but also will give more opportunities for communication. Before each match and at the game, you can get acquainted with new people who come to watch it. Forming of team spirit is an interesting and entertaining game element.

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6. Football players are sociable. Leadership skills are developed in them. They aren't afraid of hard work and undertake all difficulties. Moreover, soccer positively influence not only on physical, but also psychological state of athletes. They become more hardy to pressure and various loadings. It isn't easy to influence them. They almost don't give in to suggestion. Football players often are guided by their own opinion. These athletes have got used to achieve the desirable objective and to aspire to victory. It concerns not only football matches, but also everyday life. Thanks to intensive trainings, comes emotional discharge, all bad thoughts leave. Even if you just watch football, you will feel as you relax and leave all daily problems.

Why football is the best sport 1

7. Soccer can relieve of stresses and depressions. Therefore, athletes are not at risk of heart attacks and strokes. They are less aggressive and more counterbalanced. Their bodies becomes tightened. Such people aren't threatened by obesity.

8. The advantage of soccer is undoubted. And it isn't necessary to be engaged in it professionally. It brings to fans not less pleasure and benefits. Soccer is a guarantee of beauty and health.

Why football is the best sport 2

9. Staginess is a characteristic of soccer. Being a simple viewer of football match, you can receive mass of emotions. Quite often on football field there are most unexpected turns, which can surprise even sturdy beholder.

10. And at last, viewing of soccer is one of the most inexpensive ways to gather with friends at TV screen and to derive pleasure from viewing of favorite game.


Many are thinking what is it that football is so popular? Most importantly, is its accessibility. To call himself a footballer can anyone who is serious about this sport. It does not need a skating rink, skates, a stick and an expensive outfit, such as, for example, in the case of hockey. You need only a ball. And even then, only one to two teams.

Playing football can be almost everywhere where there is a more or less smooth surface, regardless of the continent, can not be said about surfing, for which the most important is the wave. And where do we get ocean waves? And in hot Africa, hardly anyone can afford to play hockey. Rink simply melt away. It is these reasons that make football the most spectacular game in the world!

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I'm a girl and I love to spend time watching football. Can make a good company wife. Watch football since childhood, when dad supported our national team, I sat down and watched with him. Recently even started to play on betting, if you love and understand football can even earn money. My husband also plays football, he's in great shape, I love to watch his games. He says when will we have a son, he will begin to play football. After all, football is life, athletic, unpredictable and insanely fun!

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