cancelled visa at poe

Can you cancelled America b1b2 visa cancelled at poe reapply, what are the chances of getting a new visa

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However, you might have also had some troubles with qualifying for the tourist visa.

Just to make sure you qualified for the visa and entrance permit, ensure that your visit had obvious amusement, pleasure or family visit purpose. If any other purposes were suspected, you could have been denied in the entrance.

You might have seen unsure about the dates of leaving and coming back (and the officers do not like this). Thus, to be honest, if you did not have the return tickets, you might be experiencing the troubles on the point of entry.

You might also have had the insufficient amount of money on your account which could have also cause problems at the entry point, as this looks suspicious and uncertain to the officers. So, maybe you did not have enough funds. By the way, there is a fixed sum of money you should have on every day of your stay. Thus, having less than that might be a problem.

And also, you might have had some documents missing like insurance or an invitation.

There ca be lots of reasons.

You still have chances to get a new visa. All you need to do is to apply using the same procedure yo used last time with all the documents. And take our advice into account. We did not have a big picture of the situation from your question, but we hope this might help.


Dear user!

To start with, we wanted to mention that you are not the only one who got a cancellation of the visa at the point of entry. This might the result of you violating the requirements of the Embassy of the United States about who can qualify for the B1 and B2 visas.

Just a few facts about these visas.

Basically, visa of B 1 type is the Business Visa. To get it and use it you need to prove several things rior to applying for it as well as when using this visa for your travels:

1. The purpose of your trip to the United States for business (and not for other purposes). By the way, this business is supposed to be conducted with the citizens of the United States and not from America. This point is strictly monitored. So, it might be the case, that you were noticed in doing business from the country prior to this visit.

2. You specify for how long (EXACTLY) you are going to stay there. The fact that you stayed longer can put you in a difficult position.

3. Proof that you can afford staying in the country with the certain amount of money on your account and the circulation of funds on the account.

4. The fact that you have family to go back to and some property that can guarantee that you are not going to leave the country forever. maybe at the point of leaving you did not have this proof.

5. Finally, you might have had some problems with the residence permit in yoru ocuntry.

This is what concerns that B 1 type of visa.

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