Foreigners will be able to get Nigerian visas on arrival

What are the advantages of new Nigerian visa on arrival program? How will in influence on business in Nigeria? Read the article to learn more details about this innovation.

Nigerian visa on arrival program

Nigerian visa on arrival program

The federal government has reported that foreigners visiting the country would be able to receive Nigerian visa on arrival soon. The vice-president Yemi Osinbajo has reported this news on the presentation and an annual lecture of the Interview of magazine in Abuja on Tuesday. He said that the government seriously considered a question of visa on arrival among foreign investors and visitors of the country. He reported that visa on arrival in Nigeria can help to eliminate the standing business climate in Nigeria. In this case, the vice-president has declared that it was the obligation of the government – to create an environment of granting an opportunity for the companies to prosper. The vice-president said:

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'Business of the government has to provide correct situation for startup. The problem in most cases, which we observe in Nigeria consists that our Nigerian visa application and approval happen very difficult. The visa on arrival already is on the implementation stage. This type of the visa will release long process of registration and consideration of the application. It will also reduce Nigerian visa fee. The vice-president has also said that there are plans of the government to consider process of registration of the enterprise in the country. According to him, it would facilitate startups. He also guaranteed that it would be easier for people to be engaged in business in Nigeria. Osinbajo said that the government tries to provide people with various means, which will facilitate their occupation business. The list of Nigeria visa on arrival countries will be published later.

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