How much does Nigerian e-passport cost now? How to get it?

What advantages can Nigerian passport give you during travel all over the country? How much does it cost for minor, adult and senior groups? Read the information below to learn how to get it.

Nigerian e-passport

The African union declared the beginning of release of electronic passport. According to the African mass media, this innovation will be officially started in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda in July. The concept of the passport began to be developed in 2014 and is a part of Africa’s agenda till 2063. It is expected that the electronic passport will be very favorable, as it will provide free movement of people, goods and services through Africa, trade inside it, integration and social and economic development. Doctor Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma who is the chairman of the African Union Commission, has described the project as considerable and symbolical. He has told that it was the step to objective creation of strong, prospering and integrated Africa. At the 27th summit of AU in Kigali, the electronic passport will be issued and used originally by heads of states of the African union and government, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and permanent representatives of states – members of the African union. Some African countries, such as Seychelles, Mauritius, Rwanda and Ghana have taken the lead in ensuring easy access through Africa, having weakened restrictions of visa and having in certain cases removed visa requirements for Africans. To 2020, travel within Africa will be visa-free!

e-passport online

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Now you can be already registered for e-passport online. Learn how to do it.

There are three types of Nigerian passport. The first one is Minor. It is intended for children from 0 to 17 years. 32 pages of the passport cost $77.00 and 64 pages cost $137.00 (N47.950, if to take the rate of exchange at the black market). The price for adult e-passport Nigeria, which includes all persons from 18 to 59 years, is 106 dollars for 32 pages and 137 for 64. People from 60 and above should get a senior passport, which price is also $137.00 for 64 pages and USD 77 for 32.

e-passport Nigeria

E-passport requirements

There are 3 types of the statement, which you can receive from Nigerian Immigration service. These are passport, visa and certificate on travel of ECOWAS. The application for obtaining the Nigerian passport can be also submitted online. Process is clear and is followed with a lot of information. It is also possible to ask Entry and Re-entry visa online. What is regarding the certificate on travel of ECOWAS, you can use it in the application, renew or republish it. You can also consider the status of the statement online. After you choose your application, you need to do the following actions:

  • Visit a website of Nigerian Immigration services.
  • Choose a type of the questionnaire, which you would like to fill in, and press the button to begin.

 E-passport requirements

  • Fill in the questionnaire with all necessary information, which they request.
  • Put a tag, which confirms that you declare yourself as Nigerian citizen and confirm that all data provided by you are true.
  • Print the application form.
  • Press the Go button to start online payment.
  • Choose currency for payment and press the button to continue.

e-passport photo

Don’t forget to make e-passport photo and attach it to your application.

After visit of Nigerian immigration service, you have to enter the profile to get access to information, which would be used during the transaction. All this information is stored on your account in NISE. These data can be used for various tasks connected with your place of residence. All this information remain in the company and will never be revealed to the third parties. They also obtain information from the third parties to be able to help you to avoid from fraud and to check all information, which you had given them. Nigerian Immigration services have many tasks and duties, but all of them still continuously improve the system and to provide the best services to their clients.

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