I need help concerning legalization of documents at Austria embassy

Hello everyone, I need to legalize secondary school certificate obtained from another country and school transcript at Austria embassy. Can their embassy here in Nigeria do the legalization for me or it must be done at Austria embassy in the country where the certificate was issued ? I've emailed them but no reply and even tried to call their number but didn't get tru .

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The certificate was collected in Qatar and it has been legalizee by Qatar ministry of education and foregin affairs . But the question is , can Austria embassy in Nigeria legalize it? Since the certificate was not issue here in Nigeria but the owner and the certificate are in Nigeria presently.


If you want to legalize the documents at the embassy of Austria, there are few steps that you need to take. First of all, your school certificate (or basically any other document) should be legalized in Nigeria and only after that you can take them to Austrian embassy. In order to do it, you will have to take your original document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nigeria who will help you make it an official Nigerian document. After that you will need to take your document and the confirmation of legalization to the Austrian Embassy which is situated in Abuja. This embassy is the only one in Nigeria that will do this procedure for you.

Step by step:

1)Take the documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nigeria

2)Visit the Austrian Embassy in Abuja and legalize the document once again

This way your document will be definitely considered legal.

In case you have tried to contact the Embassy but no one answered, you can try again. You can also send an e-mail or visit it in case you still have no answer.

Contact information:

Address: Plot 9, Usuma Street, Maitama - Abuja/Nigeria

Tel: (+234) 706 41 83 226

web: www.aussenministerium.at/abuja

E-Mail: abuja-ob@bmeia.gv.at

Thank you for your question and good luck!

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