Is Istanbul safe for traveling?

Do you think that it's still safe to travel to Istanbul after everything that happened? FInd out now!

istanbul attack

Istanbul just went through a serious disaster and now its citizens are doing their best to recover. Tourists and natives were terrified by the triple suicide bombing that happened on the 29th of June in the Turkish airport.

So right now the situation is still scary and a lot of tourists think that they are in danger.

The amount of casualties is huge – forty one person died! Moreover, there are more than 200 victims who got awfully injured.

The government representatives suspect Isis as it is the main terrorist organization in the world right now.

The guys who brought bombs to the airport were detected quite soon after they entered the hall. They had vests filled with the dangerous substances.

There’s no wonder why they chose this airport in Istanbul as it is the most crowded in the whole country and Europe too. The terrorists were caught by the police when they were trying to go through the X-ray control. 

Police tried to talk but those people started shooting so the officers had to shoot back.

At first, everyone got scared and the airport’s workers tried to make sure that everything was fine and that people shouldn’t be worried.

Istanbul is obviously a huge attraction for tourists. That’s probably the reason why the terrorists choose the crowded and most-visited places.

istanbul attack

Not only to destroy other cities and countries but also to fight with the Europeans and Americans whose ideas they don’t agree with.  

It’s not surprising that most of the terrorist attacks happen in huge cities. Terrorists are trying to draw as much attention as possible and also to commit more and more killings.


Moreover, the Turkish government doesn’t guarantee that the security situation is absolutely okay even now.

The Istanbul officials are not sure that it’s safe for the tourists to come to Turkey now. As for those who are staying there right now, they are warning them to be extremely careful.

All people staying in Istanbul should report any suspicious situations and persons. Moreover, they’d better not blend with the crowd as it can be very dangerous now.

This country has suffered from a lot of attacks recently but this one is the scariest one because of the huge amount of victims. It is one of the most-attacked countries in the world right now mostly for the religious reasons.

Is the airport working the same way?

Right now most of the flights are back at their normal schedule. However, yesterday most of them were obviously delayed or cancelled.

 All the people trying to fly home had to wait for hours in order to hear the latest updates about their airplanes. It took a lot of time before the schedule came back to normal.

The airport workers were trying to calm everyone down and to provide people with all the information they got.

istanbul attack

While the flights inside the country were sometimes possible, almost all international flights were cancelled.

Therefore people from Paris, London, Rome, Madrid and other big cities were forced to wait for a really long time or even book a hotel room for another night to stay in Istanbul. They followed the updates via Internet.

There were several websites with the information about flights available for everyone. Workers would give out the websites to make the process less stressful and more convenient.

London’s government was literally freaked out by this news and that’s why they cancelled every flight being very scared of the possible consequences.

There was only one English airline that remained working almost in a usual way as people needed at least one way to somehow get home.

What if I already booked a trip to Istanbul?

If after these catastrophic events you don’t feel like going to Turkey anymore, it might be a very reasonable decision. However, it can’t be free for you.

If you decided to refuse from the trip, no one is going to give your money back as the situation wasn’t claimed as dangerous for life.

Only if it’s claimed to be extremely dangerous for your life to come to Turkey, it’s possible that you will get all your money back and even receive a refund.

istanbul attack

Moreover, your operator should take care that you get back home safe and healthy. However, it’s only possible if you ordered a special tour with a group.

But if your case is different, don’t expect that you will have your money back; it’s simply not the way the system works here.

If tourists have doubts about going to Turkey, they should first ask their tourism operators about the safety and the flights schedule.

Right now Turkey is the country that suffers a lot from the terrorist attacks. That’s why there is not only a terrorist but also economical crisis.

Nowadays the country is having less and less visitors every year as a lot of people are really scared for their lives.

This way of things is absolutely unacceptable as most of the country’s businesses will simply shut down which will lead to the extreme economical decline.

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