Oldest cities in Nigeria, what are they?

Do you like to travel? Find out what old cities in Nigeria you should definetely visit!

old cities

Our country is a gorgeous place with a lot of places to visit. Nigeria can be proud of its oldest cities and beautiful views. Tourists often choose the Nigeria’s oldest cities as their destination.

Every place here is unique and totally worth visiting.

The one of the most popular places to visit in Nigeria is obviously the capital. Even though there are a lot of beautiful ancient cities in every Nigerian state, this place combines the modern architecture with the old buildings.

You can find anything you want there – entertainment and jobs. This place is the best option for everyone who wants to travel around Nigeria.

But there is no doubt that there are also the other cities except Abuja that are visited by tourists a lot. Not only Nigerians, but also the foreign people love to explore our country.

Therefore, they want to go further and further to learn more about our lives here and the history beyond the old buildings.

Oldest cities in Nigeria

Ibadan – always very welcoming

Ibadan is probably the oldest city in Nigeria as a lot of people refer to it as ancient. It is a very popular place because there are a lot of attractions and things to do.

Moreover, Ibadan is situated in Oyo state but it’s generally one of the most important cities in West Africa.

old cities

If we talk about history, Ibadan was one of the most progressive cities in Africa. They were the first to establish the University which is now attended by thousands of students.

They have also built a skyscraper which attracts the visitors even nowadays. In general, this city is absolutely amazing and even though it is highly influenced by modern life, the old spirit is still there.

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If you are an active traveller, you might find it a good idea to visit all the historic sites as you come to Ibadan. You should start with its amazing museums, zoos and gardens.

The prices are available even for the low-budget visitors! You will never get bored here – there is so much to do!

Abuja – the capital city

As you know, Abuja is the capital of the country. Therefore, all the economics and trade centres are situated here.

The city is growing really fast – more and more people come there because Abuja offers a lot of opportunities for everyone – no matter what your background is!

It’s quite obvious that you can find all kinds of people here. But a lot of citizens choose to move there because the life there goes differently.

You should definitely visit the old town and experience the unique atmosphere of Abuja.

If you are really into sport, go ahead and visit the parks where there are a lot of facilities to do any kind of sport you want. For example, Millennium Park. The city is also full of cinemas, theatres and concert halls.

Therefore, find something that you like and go for it!

old cities

Jos – the Northern star

All Nigerians just love Jos. We consider it to be one of the coolest places to visit in Nigeria. It’ situated on the north and therefore, the weather there is a lot cooler than in the other parts of the country.

It’s also quite old and beautiful so it’s the best place for chilling and walking around.

The people there are friendly and they will always help you with any problem you have. Moreover, it is not that expensive to live there – even for the lower classes.

If you are looking for fun, it’s also possible to find it here. If you are interested in history, don’t hesitate to visit the museums that will tell you the origin of the city and its habitants.

And even if you just want to relax, feel free to take your whole family with you to the parks to enjoy the wonderful nature of Jos!

Calabar – home to resorts

Calabar is situated on the other side of the country. However, it still has a lot of things to offer. The huge amount of resorts is always welcome to see you! 

There you can enjoy yourself in all kinds of festivals where you can make unforgettable memories.

old cities

Calbar is famous not only for its old beautiful architecture. One of the most famous African events takes place here. The Calabar Carnaval impresses all the people who come there.

There are no rules – you only have to choose yourself a nice costume! There you can feel the real African atmosphere and learn more about your own culture.

Lovely Minna

This city is located in the centre of the country and represents itself a very peaceful place. It is very old and therefore, you can enjoy gorgeous sites with your friends and family as you come here.

It evolved a lot throughout time but the tourists still choose this place as their travelling point. Moreover, there are a few trading centers and offices.

However, Minna is a quiet place. The most things that people do here have something to do with agriculture. That’s why a lot of habitants are farmers.

If you think which city you want to visit – don’t doubt. Every single one of them is amazing. There is something special about every one of them. That’s why you should take your company and go for a vacation!

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