Scientists found a network of ancient cities in Cambodia

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Archaeologists have discovered in the jungles of Cambodia's a lot of medieval cities, which were previously unknown. Cambodia news managed to impress the whole world! This information first appeared in British newspaper called Guardian. On the 13th of June the results of the study of ancient city were published in the Archaeological Science magazine.

The same day, the Australian archaeologist Damian Evans and his colleagues presented the results of a study that would change current ideas of the Asian history. The researchers used a technique of laser scanning from the air.

medieval cities

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This technology has been applied in 2015: then the scientists had large archaeological project and they managed to scan 1.9 thousand square kilometers of jungle. Cities have been found around the temple complex of Angkor Wat, dedicated to the god Vishnu. The temple is one of the largest ever built places of worship in the world. It was built in the first half of the XII century.

As reported by archaeologists to discover ancient buildings, they used LiDAR technology that was previously developed for the detection of submarines.

LiDAR technology

LiDAR is a special technology, when a helicopter sends laser beams that are reflected from the ground and processed by a special optical system. As a result, you can create an accurate map of the hidden objects.

Thus, the Australian scientists were able to detect few cities that were connected by the network of roads and canals around Angkor Wat. Some of them have an area superior to Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia. Their age is estimated to be 900-1400 years old.

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This discovery could change current ideas about the history of the great Khmer empire. Archaeologists believe that these cities could establish an empire that could be the largest in the world in the XII century.

Local people are very happy with this trouvaille, as it will help Cambodia tourism to move to the next level.

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