since Nigerians dont need visa to visit UK what step do one need to take for depature?

I need to know what to do as a Nigerian that wishes to travel to uk

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Dear Customer, before you leave for the United Kingdom, here is what an official source (www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk) says that you need to do. First of all, you need to apply for a visa via their services. There are three different types of visas you can apply for.

The first one is Standard visitor visa. You should get this kind of visa if you are visiting your family members or friends there. You can also apply for this visa if you are an athlete and come to competition on the territory of the UK. And finally, fill out the forms for this visa if you are visiting the UK to get medical treatment or any other private engagements.

Another type of visa one can apply for is Marriage Visitor Visa. As you understand from the title, this visa is for those who are married to citizens of the UK or are willing to register their marriage there. The important thing about this visa is that you can apply for it if you are not going to stay in the United Kingdom after registering your marriage.

Finally, the last type of visa one should be aware of is one month Permitted Paid Engagements visa. These visas can be received by individuals that have an invitation from a UK citizen, or are going there to work for one month precisely.

You should proceed to fill out a form on the website once you figure out what visa type fits your needs. The rest of the information you will find in a personal account on the site. If you have doubts about the kind of visa, you can use their quiz that assists in picking the right visa after you inform the program about the purpose of your visit to the United Kingdom.

Sick to these instructions when planning your trip not to miss anything along the way!

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