What is Lagos famous for?

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Lagos is obviously one of the most famous cities in Nigeria. And Lagos Victoria Island is a very popular place for tourists in Africa. So what is so special about it?

First of all, Lagos is the biggest city in the whole country. Everyone in Nigeria knows that it is also the best place to relax and have fun. The city is really huge and you can find anything you need there.

Moreover, Victoria Island gives the great opportunities for tourists to enjoy the sandy beaches and warm sea. There are also all kinds of shops and restaurants too.

As for the culture of Lagos, you can always visit its fantastic National Museum. If you walk that direction you will also get the chance to see the stadiums and parks where you can take a rest.

Right now Lagos is considered to be the most important state in the country. Earlier it was a capital. But the things changed not that long ago. However, the financial and cultural life of Lagos didn’t stop.

This city never sleeps – you can always find what to do there.

In this enormous state you can also find the most important trade centers of Nigeria. It is a well-known fact that our country produces a huge part of all the oil on the planet.

Therefore, a lot of factories and offices are also situated here. According to the entrepreneurs, this state and the city itself are safe and more convenient for the work like this.


Moreover, a lot of citizens of Nigeria choose to leave the rural areas and go for urban lifestyle.

That’s why there are almost twenty million people living there. It is obviously better because it’s easier to find a job and make a better profit. Moreover, the life here is more exciting too.

You can always go to the beach in your free time!

Victoria Island is basically this most important city center where all the businesses can be found. It is also a popular place for all the visitors of Lagos.

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However, it is an expensive area. Therefore, only rich people can afford it. Most of the population just chooses to live in the other area called Ikoyi.

It’s not that luxury but it’s available for almost anyone with a stable income. Not that many people actually want to move to Victoria Island as the rent price is very high.

Moreover, all the facilities situated there are not affordable for the middle class.

More about Victoria Island

As for the architecture, there is no specific style. There are areas with the old beautiful buildings as well as with the modern ones. You can choose to spend your time in any part of the city you want depending on your taste.

As for the buses and trains, you obviously can find some. However, it’s not absolutely safe to use these means of transport. Nigeria is generally not the safest place out there.

If you want to drive, you should be very careful too. Even if the others don’t follow the traffic rules, you should still remain calm and law-abiding.


However, it’s not dangerous outside the traffic. If you just want to walk around, feel free to do it. There will probably be no criminals attacking you in the middle of the day. You never know what’s going to happen though.

That’s why it might be a good idea to know how to protect yourself in case something happens. Sad enough, it is a reality for Nigerians nowadays.

But Victoria Island is definitely a safe place as it is specially made for the rich people. Therefore, you should always feel protected there.

Lagos State University

It is a famous educational institution that was established back in the 20th century. The natives usually refer to it as LASU. It’s considered to be quite prestigious.

There are thousands of people studying there which makes it one of the most popular universities in Nigeria. If you don’t know where you want to continue your studies yet, this university might be a good choice.

If you check their website, you will see that they offer scholarships. And the subjects that you have to study are actually very useful and interesting. However, it obviously depends on what job you want to do later in your life.

You can get a diploma by studying almost anything you can think of. There are different forms of education too. However, here are some things you can study there if you enrol:

Arts, Social sciences, Business Administration, Law, Science, Engineering, School of clinical sciences, School of basic medical sciences, Education.

Lagos Business School


This famous school of business can be found in the city of Lekki in Lagos state.

The main idea of this educational institution is to give the students a chance to continue their studies and help them become good managers or economists. In fact, it can be anything that has something to do with business.

What is really exciting, this school is one of the best out there.

A huge event - Lagos Smart city

As for the recent news, the whole Africa was surprised that from now on the Arabic Dubai is going to work together with our Nigerian Lagos!

They made a deal about this Smart City so our country has a really reliable partner now. The purpose of this project is to improve the businesses and investigate the ways to change the working conditions.

And it’s not only about Nigeria, it’s about the whole world.

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