What is the reason of Ogun river dry out?

Ogun River suddenly became a totally dry land! What has happen? Is it a miracle or a punishment? Find out in this article!

dry ogun river

Lagos government warned as curious observers precipitate the Ogun River to take ‘selfies’. This Saturday, the inhabitants were awakened with the news of the sudden disappearance of the river flowing under the bridge named Kara around Ojodu Berger region of Lagos State. Then it became a tourist destination, because of the fact that many people have described it as a miracle year.

The body of Ogun River basin, which previously served as a path for the owners of canoe almost dried up at one bridge’s end and the water continues to flow freely there, on another side. The dried part of the river that once provided water for Kara cattle and sheep market, became a totally firm ground, so the residents can walk freely on it.

dried up river

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On June 20, about 48 hours after this shocking discovery, the drivers, citizens and just curious observers began coming to the Kara area of the Ogun River wishing to take photos of this strange phenomenon.

Last weekend the river was taken over by vegetation caused by the huge storm that created a packed bed of the river; but the people and ‘the audience’ misunderstood the condition of the river and called it a sudden divine miracle, thus making the bridge and the surrounding area into a tourist site.

As the effect there appeared a terrible traffic on the road, there are always traffic problems, which are often caused by several accidents on the expressway. The sudden and amazing disappearance of famous Ogun River made the traffic towards Lagos even more difficult. It stretched up to Ogun State Mowe.

dry Ogun

As the incidence happened at this weekend, the residents cannot stop talking about their shocking discovery. The water, which previously served as the major transportation for canoe owners, now has become the main topic to talk about.  A phrase ‘Ogun River dried up’ you can hear from every corner.

One of the residents told that the disappearance Ogun River basin, is a true indication that this river is very angry because of too much crimes and desecration happening in this area.

According to his ideas, in addition to tons of wastewater produced daily by the slaughterhouse, some people were defecating around the end up of the river. He thinks it’s the river’s response to all these abuses for many years.

dry river

Mallam Sule, a ram seller, who on Saturday became a witness the incident, told that it is still a huge mystery for a lot of them.  The reason is that there is still some water on another side of Ogun River.

Ecologists, however, warned the residents to stay away from the blocked channel because of the risks of its opening unexpectedly. Also they informed the authorities to find professional cleaners to get rid of the unidentified green plants, which can be seen on the ground.

The Lagos State authorities yesterday expressed dissatisfaction with parking on the bridge. People stop to take photos and it causes a serious traffic jam, accidents and much more.

The state authorities in the statement signed by Adebowale Akinsanya, the Commissioner on the development of coastal infrastructure, told it was an extremely important for the people to be aware the vegetation can erupt at any moment and it can lead to potentially catastrophic situation.

river Ogun

The statement says: ‘A lot of people made this place a popular tourist destination. But they are not aware of the danger, which is lying ahead. All the residents and onlookers may be hurt by the sudden flow’.

‘It is very important to inform the people about the huge environmental consequences of the dried up Ogun River, Nigeria. It is very dangerous for people even to walk there, as there is still an active flow beneath’.

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