What places to visit in Lagos?

What places are the most popular among tourists in Lagos? What places you should visit for sure? Check our list of top 10 places in Lagos!


The sites below include the most famous attractions in Lagos. Consider them when you go to this amazing city next time!

1. Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery

This is an enormous gallery full of contemporary and traditional Nigerian arts. Nike Art Gallery is run by Nike Davies-Okundaye. Cultural tours to other Yoruba towns can be arranged through the gallery.

2.    Kalakuta Republic Museum

Kalakuta Republic Museum

Kalakuta Republic Museum is a former house of the legendary musician Fela Kuti as well as revolutionary headquarters. It is a fascinating museum with everything intact from Fela's bedroom to his underwear.

3. Ikoyi Hotel Suya

 Ikoyi Hotel Suya

Every Lagosian knows that the best suya in town can be found at the stall outside the Ikoyi Hotel. You can try there beef and goat as well as chicken, liver, and kidney with pepper to spice it all up.

4. New Afrika Shrine

New Afrika Shrine

New Afrika Shrine is the best show in town. Though Fela Kuti's original Shrine was burnt down, this replacement is run by his children. There is free live music on Thursday nights and a paid show on Sundays. The younger Seun Kuti plays the last Saturday of the month. Snacks, ice cream, palm wine, and more are on offer. Smoking encouraged.

5. Jankara Market

African Artists' Foundation

Jankara Market is the largest market in Lagos. It sells everything, starting from trade beads, tie-dyed cloth and jewelry to pottery, pirate cassettes, and clothing. Also, you can find there a fetishes market, where you can buy traditional medicines and juju potions, herbs and powders.

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6. Bogobiri II/Nimbus

Bogobiri II/Nimbus

This is a very nice place for drinking and eating in the day and something interesting at night.  Also, there is art gallery here. It contains works of local artists. There is a live music here at weekends.

7. Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Centre

This center is run by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation. The best time to visit Lekki Conservation Centre is early morning. It has a huge tract of wetlands set aside for wildlife viewing. You can meet here crocodiles, monkeys, and many birds. There are a conservation center and a library.

8. Jazz Hole

Lekki Conservation Centre

Jazz Hole is a book and record store. Also, you can drink tea in the lovely cafe here and get cultural lessons from the proprietor. Special events and performances go on in the evenings.

9. African Artists' Foundation

African Artists' Foundation

African Artists' Foundation supports young African and international artists. There is also a great gallery of contemporary Nigerian art here. You should visit it for sure!

10. Freedom Park

African Artists' Foundation

In the past, Freedom Park was the Old Broad Street Prison. But very recently it was turned into a cultural center, a museum, the venue for events and concerts, a food court, and a market. If you are interested, some of the old prison structures are still standing, so you can visit them. Check the website for up-to-date info.

If you know any other interesting things to do in Lagos, share in comments!

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