Why is it not a good idea to ban flights from areas with ebola outbreak?

Recently the number of people who are infected by Ebola virus has increased. Therefore, people from all over the world started to suggest banning of flights from countries with Ebola outbreak. But why it is horrible idea to ban flights from these areas? Find the shocking answer in this article!

ebola ban

Proposals to ban flights from West Africa are quite predictable and not a surprise reaction to the Ebola crisis. Nevertheless, they have been rejected and usually indicate a failure to consider the practicalities.

ebola ban

Talking about the United States, the idea to ban airplanes flying from West Africa has been advocated by governors, senators of the US and has the support of 70% of Americans. However, these people don't seem aware that there are no direct flights from the three most affected countries to the United States, and none of the people pushing the ban seem to have a detailed plan for how it would work.

ebola ban

People want go home

There are many people from wealthy countries who are currently in Liberia, for example. They may go there as travelers, or volunteers, or doctors. It can be people from other African countries. Most of them plan to get home now or later. What will happen if flight ban will be implemented? They stay in this country until the crisis passes, or they go to the nearby country and fly on from there? Statisticians have pointed out that the vast majority of flights from West Africa come from countries largely untouched by the crisis. So from this point of view, the problem will not be solved.

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Flight ban is not the right solution

If any returnees have been infected with Ebola, they're going to bring it with them to their motherland one way or another. But a ban will ensure they have spent a lot longer on airplanes and in airports, increasing the possibility of infecting people around them. Planes are great places to catch the infection.  As we can see flight ban may even make the problem worth.

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ebola ban

The damaged economy

Meanwhile, the economies of the countries included in the ban will be damaged. A ban that stops aid workers traveling to West Africa would destroy any possibility of stopping Ebola's spread. And what about the doctors who go to the West of Africa to treat people with infection? Do you think, they don't need to return home?As Dr. Kamran Khan at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto said:“Decreasing the number of infections in the source area is the most important way to decrease the spread.”

ebola ban

What about a ban on flights from the whole of Africa, even countries where there is no Ebola infection? What about tourists in South Africa, Morocco, and Egypt?  The idea to quarantine millions of people is not going to work and particularly for a disease like Ebola.  On the other hand, Nigeria and Senegal had Ebola outbreaks which have now been overcome. So it is unnecessary to quarantine everybody. Anyone arguing that developed countries will soon see the disease spreading like wildfire is alleging their health systems are worse than countries with one-twentieth the average wealth.

ebola ban

Finally, people always can find ways to leave the country. And forcing them to use illegal, undocumented means is a sure the best way to help Ebola spread faster. 

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