Army jobs: What are the benefits of joining Nigerian Air Force?

What benefits will you get working in Air Force? What do you need to know about Nigerian Air Force? Check our list of benefits and find the facts which will shock you!

Nigerian airforce

Each year thousands of candidates apply for a work to the Nigeria Airforce. Competition is fierce, and if you are thinking of making an application, you will need to know the airforce inside out and from top to bottom. We have created the list of benefits which you get, joining the Nigerian Airforce.

Nigerian Air Force

1.You can do training in any location you want

The Nigerian Air Force 2016 Recruitment is on again. You can apply where you wish.The Nigerian Air Force is recruiting massively for the year 2016 into over 35 positions available in all the 36 states of the federation.

Nigerian Air Forces

However, you need to look at the instructions of recruitment very carefully. If you want to apply for a position as an airman or airwoman in the Nigeria Airforce, you will have to meet the strict requirements imposed on candidates.

Nigerian Air Forces

For example, the Nigeria Airforce made clear that candidates over the age of 24 would not be accepted. Even more striking was that male applicants and female applicants were required to be no less than 1.68 meters and 1.65 meters tall respectively.

Nigerian Air Forces

2.Help people

Working in Air Force means that you will need to help people. It  was proven, that when you do something good for others, you feel happiness.

For example, recently in April, 500 people in Bayelsa have benefited from the free medical test and treatment by the Mobility Command of the Nigerian Air Force in Yenagoa. The people were tested and treated of various diseases, including malaria, typhoid fever, Hepatitis B, fever, Ebola, and HIV.

Nigerian Air Force

The exercise was designed to improve the health needs of the people and strengthen civilians and military relationship, especially in the rural area.

3.Opportunities for Female Fighter Pilots

Nowadays, there are many females working in Air Forces. 

Nigerian Air Forces

History was made on 9 December 2011 when Blessing Liman became the first female fighter pilot in the Nigeria Airforce. Liman’s appointment came off the back of a directive from President Goodluck Jonathan that the Nigerian military should aim to include more women within its ranks.

Liman, along with the other cadets who received their wings at the same time, underwent a rigorous training program which cost billions of Naira and involved training abroad in countries including the UK, US, and Greece.

Nigerian Air Forces

4.Constant development of organization

The organisation is constantly looking for development opportunities. For example, the chief of the Nigeria Airforce, Air Marshal Adesola Amosu, announced during celebrations for the 50 year anniversary of the Nigeria Airforce in April 2014 that Nigeria is looking to purchase additional fighter jets.

Nigerian Air Forces

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5.Take part in peacekeeping missions

The Nigeria Airforce has been praised widely for its participation in various peacekeeping missions around the world including in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote D’Ivoire, Burundi, Sudan, South Sudan and most recently in Mali.

Nigerian Air Forces

6.High professionalism and control level

The company is focused on excellence. One point of its mission is to promote and inculcate the core values of integrity, excellence and service delivery.

Nigerian Air Forces

In addition, the company aimed at human capacity development through robust and result oriented training for enhanced professional performance. So you can be sure, that your work conditions will be on the highest level. Also, you will constantly develop as a professional.

Nigerian Air Forces

7.High salary

The annual salaries are quite high. For example, Vice Admiral gets ₦13,363,229 ($81,483.11). The Salary of Read Admiral is about   ₦12,038,945 ($73,408.20) per year. Commodore earns ₦7,385,856 ($45,090.70). And Commander’s annual salary equals to ₦3,380,086 ($20,671.49).

Nigerian Air Forces

In addition, officers ranked at Rear Admiral or above earn lifelong full-salary pensions.

8.Mental and physical development.

Working in the Airforce is not just doing any job. It is not just working anywhere. It is working in the military – the Airforce. You must be mentally prepared for the journey.

The process involved in getting the job is rigorous and very demanding. The training is not child’s play. They require sweat and even blood. But the result is worth efforts.

Nigerian Air Forces

9.Nice uniform

As an Air Force worker, you will need to wear a very cute uniform, that is one more very pleasant benefit.

Nigerian Air Forces

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