Dangote recruitment 2016: how to get a job at cement plant?

Do you dream of prestigious job? Read what is required for receiving a high position in Nigeria!

Dangote Group is widespread on all Africa.  Aliko Dangote is its owner and founder. It is the only Nigerian company, which has been mentioned in Forbes list. It is engaged in production of cement, flour, sugar, drinks and other products. But most of all company is concentrated on production of cement. It has several cement works in Nigeria.

Dangote recruitment

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Dangote recruitment deadline is April, 30. Here are dangote cement plant jobs in Nigeria list:

  • Sales manager. From the candidate is required experience of 2-3 years. The worker of such position has to control the market of sales and introduce new ideas. The schedule of work is a full employment. The responsibilities is regular interaction with clients, ability to make calculations, to possess a good business grasp, knowledge of society and persuasiveness.

Aliko Dangote

  • Developer of market should also have two years' experience. He is regularly obliged to visit production points, to support its high standards, to contact with distributors, to keep good relations with clients anyway, and be ready to take additional responsibility.
  • Regional sales manager is responsible for direction, realization and report of sales results. He provides business plan, establishes its purposes and reaches them. The manager carries out effective communication with other employees, directs them forward, and helps them to receive new skills.

Requirements to employee are the following: knowledge of office programs, experience of driving not less than 7 years and existence of own car, ability to work on flexible hours, to operate personnel, resourcefulness, analytical thinking.

dangote cement plant jobs

  • Risk Officer Position demands not less than five years of work. Vacancy is available in Kogi. It controls all situations concerning the credit and operational risks. The worker watches these cases and lowers probability of emergence of risks. He works in close cooperation with operational team and supports corporate strategy of the organization. Requirements are: minimum five years of work in production and banking, skill to communicate, skills of written communication, competitiveness.

jobs in Nigeria

  • Insurance Coordinator works in Lagos. Requirements: HND/BACHELOR degree, minimum 5-years-experience in banking or production, preparing bonus schedules of payments, support of workers, fast notification about requirements of the management, work with documents, and skills of written communication.


I hope that those who really need a good , prestigious job read this article and tried their hand for vacancies . Yes, the requirements are quite large , but I think that people who work in the same place has established itself well and has positive characteristics , great experience , very responsible attitude to their work - be sure to get what you want. Of course, not everyone is able to get a job, but my opinion is - if you have a goal , you need to move it . So , good luck and much success in your work!

Answered 10 months ago.

Now to find a simple job very difficult, not to mention the already prestigious. If there is a place on such a plant, and have the desire to work there because it is not easy? To labor, to work at the cement plant. ? To work of course is very interesting and exciting, but not all of it can work, but not all to take. This is a very good and useful article for kotorіe people want to work at the plant, the basic rules and everything else is very important for the employee. Thanks for the article, I found it very interesting to read and know about the new plant.

Answered 11 months ago.
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