Do army doctors fight?

What is the salary of army doctor and what is included in his duties? Where do the future medical officers study and how do they practice? Read the information below to learn more facts about this position in the Nigerian army.

Do army doctors fight

Do army doctors fight?

An army doctor is a person with the higher medical education who has a military rank. Medical officers have a special neutral position, which was assigned to them in 1864 by the Geneva Convention. Do army doctors go to boot camp? According to the convention, medical officers are obliged to do only medical duties, to give help to victims of military operations or armed conflicts without any exception. In the army, medical officers are considered the most important figures. Without this category, the military army couldn't exist. The doctor watches over the health of soldiers and provides them necessary medical care in case of need. The doctors in army should have commander skills and be able to organize health service. Ability to solve problems of health care, both in peacetime and in the conditions of armed conflicts or military operations is also important. The doctor has to watch the state of health of military and provide medical care or direct to the expert. The doctor is obliged to give help to all people.

Medical officer – surgeon

The medical officer – surgeon makes treatment and is responsible for transportation of wounded people from places of the military conflicts. The modern weapon is capable of putting a big percent of heavy mutilations to the person that results in some difficulties at treatment and transportation of victims during military operations. The military surgeon differs from civil in treatment methods in the conditions of the military conflicts. The doctor gives versatile help. Therefore, he has to understand all fields of surgery. The modern equipment, with which field hospital are equipped, and new surgical technologies allow to give the qualified help to victims and to keep life. In the world, all new types of weapon appear. In scientific laboratories, military surgeons investigate the striking influence of modern weapon and develop new surgical devices, which can be used in war conditions with the minimum risk for the victim's life.

Do army doctors go to boot camp

Medical officer – dentist

The medical officer – dentist organizes a medical care and treatment to the wounded people with damages of maxillofacial area. In the course of training, the doctors study dental diseases and injuries, watching a condition of patients in the clinic. However, future military dentists don't face fighting injuries that complicate a practical training and assimilation of program questions.

Medical health officer

The health medical officer does supervision of a sanitary condition of the army, preservation of their health, elimination of external adverse factors, and controls the quality of food that allows increasing professional ability of army of the country.

Military veterinarian

The medical veterinarian officer carries out health protection of animals in troops, restores their suitability to service, and provides control of deliveries of meat and livestock products.

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Training of medical officers

The medical officer is a difficult profession to become the expert in this area. It is necessary to have, first of all, endurance, military discipline, and uncommon knowledge. Many medical officers are accustomed to military life since young years. After obtaining the certificate about secondary education, people planning to become the medical officer has to enter the medical university. Training of the qualified specialist requires time. Besides, any doctor has to improve the skills, as the medical science doesn't stand still. It is necessary to be aware of new techniques of treatment. Medical officers study subjects important for military more deeply (surgery, radiology, toxicology, field therapy), but the diploma practically doesn't differ from the civil doctor. The practice takes place on the duty station. Quite often young doctors should pass an internship in the conditions of military operations, in the remote garrisons. Future medical officers have trained at the military-medical faculty. On the fifth year, cadets study the subjects necessary in work of military medical staff more deeply. Young specialists learn to work and provide necessary medical care at gunshot wounds, at poisoning with toxic substances, at radiation exposure and so on. After studying the theory, the young medical officer goes for practice in military units where for several years they will learn to apply knowledge gained at an institute in practice, in the conditions of real military service under the leadership of the research supervisor.

Army doctor’s salary

Salaries of sergeants-instructors are not low. The salary of medical offices in hospitals, in the army is not less than N90,000 a month. At lieutenants, on average it is N45,000. The need for medical officers is very high today, as the military medicine isn't developed.

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