How to write an application letter in Nigeria - 5 easy steps

If you do it right, you boost your chances to get the job of your dream. Follow these 5 eyas steps and make your application stand out of the crowd.

The key idea behind compiling such a memo is to get asked out to the job interview. So, it is critical to know how to write an application letter in Nigeria. This could assist you to get more calls and invitations. Take a little time to study the matter and improve your written communication skills with employers.

application letter how-to

What is an application letter?

This type of letter is also called a cover letter. It is added to your CV (resume) when you send it or take it to employer. The name “cover letter” is rather descriptive. This letter is placed on top of your resume. It is a quick summary of how you are, what you can, your skills, abilities and knowledge. Application letter allows the employer to promptly review the candidate and make a decision whether to read on his or her CV or not.

This is the purpose of cover letter. This means it has to present you in the best way and you need to sell yourself in that letter. At this, the information should not repeat all you put into your CV. The main problem of employers is the lack of time. They wish to get things done quicker. Keep that in mind, when you write your application letter. Save them time by highlighting only the qualities needed for this particular position.

Write a new cover letter for each interview you get. Keep the same resume, but add a new letter to save them time and make yourself more relevant to the position you are after. Yes, it might be bothersome to print a new one every time, but it delivers excellent results.

Worst application letter mistakes:

application letter mistakes

  • Misspelling the words
    Spelling errors is one of the worst things you can have in your CV or cover letter. There is no use to write: I am detail oriented and thorough person, if you make them.
    So, go an extra mile and get rid of them. Run the text app spelling check. Use online grammar and spelling tools, such as Grammarly.com. Get your friends or family members read your docs and spellcheck them.
  • Failing to text down
    Read and reread your letter and cut out all the text you can do without. Keep it factual and to the point.
  • Not follong 1 page long rule
    No use making the application letter longer. If things do not fit in on that 1 page, get rid of them.
  • Be irrelevant 
    Your cover letter needs to hold significant information ONLY. If you apply for an office job, no use stating you know how to fix bathroom fixtures or to tie a gele. You get the point.

If you can single out the facts they are searching for and lay them out it in your employment letter, you boost the chances they would read your resume. So, once you know how to write a good application letter, you get ahead of the competition.

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5 Application Letter Tips: 

1. Pick letter formatapplication letter how-to 2

The main thing is to keep it simple, businesslike and airy. Do not event try to crowd lots of copy into it. Make spaces between the paragraphs and keep them short. You may place your address and other contact info in the upper left corner.

The greeting and the main body of text should follow. Then close up with your name and signature. Or, you may locate your info in the upper right corner. Set their info and address in the upper left one a bit blow yours and then do the rest.

Printing fonts and paper are also important. It is not a brilliant idea to do the writing of an application letter in handwriting. You need to get access to a PC and a printer to make it presentable. Or, you may send it via electronic mail. Keep in mind that an HR manager or a business owner may have piles of CVs on their table. You need to make yours eye catching.

For this purpose you may use color paper (a mild beige or blue color). Or you may use a paper with prints on it. You may also create a header for your employment letter with a logo and your contact info on it. This would make it catchier. Only do not overdo it by using too many prints, logos or color.

2. Address the recipient

If you know the name of the individual in contact, use it instead that impersonal To Whom It May Concern. If you have been recommended to apply for the job by someone from that company or by a friend of the employer, indicate it in the first lines of your letter.

3. Pinpoint your advantages

pinpoint your advantages

Here is a tricky part. Instead of listing your skills and schooling, you should list your benefits. For instance, they need a driver. Do not just say you have ten years of driving experience.

Instead say you have had no accident over your 10 year driving career or you can part a long vehicle or turn it around in a very tight spot. Or, you that you did not have any delays during the five years of delivering freight.

You see, what the employer needs is benefit. He wants his freights delivered on time and in an accident free manner.

They want somebody, who can turn around in a tight place in the backyard of their office or storage facility and someone, who can do minor vehicle repairs for them. If you just offer ten years of experience, this does not actually mean you would solve their problems.

The trick is to highlight and summarize your features that help them solve their complications. And how do you know what they need?

Carefully read that job description. Most of the time, they would state the requirements and problems clearly. And take the time to visit their website and find out more about the firm. You can dig out some useful info there, too.

Make sure to properly format the benefits. Do not write just a block of text. List them using bullet points or numbered lists. This way they can quickly read the text and digest it.

  • accident free driving career for 10+ years
  • can do minor car repairs
  • no delivery delays
  • extreme driving skills

Now, compare the bullet list with the text above. Which one is more readable?  If they got interested, they would get your CV to find out more. Remember,  the trick of how to write a job application letter is about making it a great appetizer to want them get more of you.

4.  Recap your career, briefly

Now you can briefly summarize your career. Again, use just few sentences or bullets. However, if you have already used a bullet list for the benefits, do not cram in another one here. Just use a short text and write only about the occupations you had previousely, that relate to the current employment. The same is true about education. Get a quick phrase in, if it is relevant to the position.

You may use Bold to mark the key words in your summary part. That would attract the attention to the things you want to emphasize. Again, do not use too much of it. And keep the same font across the entire letter. Do not use italics, highlighting, bold, bullets and a range of fonts and sizes. The letter has to look very clean and professional.

5. Get in touch

application letter how-to 3

You should not only single out your contact info, but also tell them you would call or write them, or even drop by to find out the results on a certain day or time.

This might motivate them to give you a call and you would be able to begin a conversation. Also state you are anticipating the answer. Finally, put your name and signature at the end of the letter.

Once you know how to write application letter, you should also properly send it. This letter is also called a cover letter. That is because it is put on top of your CV. So, if you send it in a printed form, make sure it would be the first thing an employer see, when they get the resume.

If you send it via email, you may paste the letter in the email text and attach your CV. This works the best, because opening an attachment takes time. This way they can read the letter right away with no extra efforts. It boost the chances of your resume getting opened.

If you send it as an attachment, make sure your CV and cover letter are made in the format that cannot be edited. You do not want any data to be altered in it. You can use PDF format instead of Word to do so. There are many easy online free converters to be used.

This information on how to write an application letter can help you get more interviews. Finally, it boosts your chances of landing a dream job and furthering your career. Watch the video to produce a brillian cover letter:







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