Nigerian army recruitment – should I join the army or airforce?

Why go to the public service? Learn should you join the army or airforce or not

Public service is a quite prestigious occupation. Many young people want to join army. But not all know how to do it. Read the latest information about Nigeria army right now.

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Nigerian army ranks

Ranks in NA are the following (in decreasing order): Field Marshal, General, Lieutenant General, Major General, Brigadier General, Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major Captain, Lieutenant, and Second Lieutenant.

Nigerian army news

Good news to those who wish to join service! The army declares a new recruitment. To enter the troops, you need to submit the application on the official site. Requirements to candidates are the following:

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  • Women or men should age of 18-22 and 18-26 for Nigerian army short service,
  • They must have citizenship of Nigeria,
  • The minimum growth for men is 1.65 and 1.56 for women,
  • Participants should have WASSCE, NECO or other state certificate, which confirms their knowledge of general education disciplines. The minimum point has to make 2,
  • As addition, the applicant can bring the certificate, which confirms his/her qualification. However, it isn't obligatory if the person doesn't work.

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The term of applications in 2016 begins on April 8 and comes to end on May 21. Participants can see their results on May 26 at the official site.

nigerian army short service

Then participants, who have successfully passed the first stage, are invited to further test. It checks their physical training. These examinations will take place from June 12 to June 25.

As you see, requirement to candidates for army are less than to persons interested to enter airforce. For example, it isn't obligatory for you to be a Nigerian on nationality. You should be only citizen of this country. However, you need to pass examinations successfully. At the choice between army and airforce it's worth remembering that joining the first is much simpler. Good luck!


should someone with teachers certificates be apply for NA

Answered 1 year ago.

The army for the country it is necessary, in particular need to recruit young motivated people, koltorye want to give all of himself to the state. Guys who do not want to serve, it is best not to force, because of them no good will not. Of course this is a prestigious thing, because the army opened the doors of many works, because employers also want to know how all people and especially those who take on the work of the guards. Thank you zha article, perhaps it will take something useful by many people.

Answered 1 year ago.
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