Is Peugeot 407 a good choice for a young nigerjan who is just starting life?

I am a young Nigerian who has just started life and I feel I need a mobility that is efficient and won't give me headaches in the long run. Have used 406 prestige before nd wouldn't wanna use it again, a friend who knows much about cars suggested the Peugeot 407 to me. I want to know if there are better options. Thanks

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Hi, friend! The creators of ‘407-th’ sacrificed practicality to beauty - because of the long front end and a small clearance (130 mm) the front bumper often suffers. The sloped hood covers the extreme front edge of the auto, the massive pillars ‘eat’ the view a bit, but because of the high ‘front’ the extreme rear marker is not visible.

The exterior mirrors, which are pushed back, make you move your head more and windscreen wipers leave on the sides of the windshield large untreated areas. Unlike many competitors the floor in the back is completely flat, creating convenience for three passengers. The most popular Peugeot cars are proved to be very classic; no serious problems have been found.

The 2.0-liter unit is quite economical, despite the great weight of the vehicle, with a quiet ride in the city, which really fits into 10 liters per 100 kilometers. Due to proper operation ITUC has no problems, and the automatic transmission is always unreliable. The front suspension is ephemeral - lower balls work for 30-40 thousand kilometers, and the lower rubber bush block knuckle - 50-60 thousand km. Over time, because of the bad quality of the roads, cushion shock of absorber cracks.

It’s the ideas and thoughts of the owner of Peugeot 407. Do you like it? If you have doubts, you can check up Mazda6, Ford Mondeo or Opel Vectra.

Mazda6 and 407 are ‘emotional’ cars. They are chosen by people, guided by the impulse of the soul. Mazda6 is loved and appreciated for a dynamic appearance and an active temperament, and Peugeot - for originality, charm and comfort. But ‘the Frenchman’ is impractical and is not sufficiently reliable. Mondeo and Vectra are models for business people, which are attracted by large salons, luggage and relatively low market value. Fewer problems will be created by Ford, although Opel is quite reliable too. The emotional Mazda6 is also able to compete with them and but it is not for prudent people – it is more expensive than ‘the Germans’.

Peugeot 407 is a special auto. Basically it is selected and guided by the heart of people with nontrivial outlook on life. This ’French guy’ is not for the pragmatists. Firstly, it is impractical (small ground clearance and the trunk), and secondly - it is not very reliable.

However, it’s up to you! Good luck, friend!

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