How to start a blog in Nigeria: 10 killer blog tips for a newbie  

Have something to share with the world? Start a blog! Learn the 10 killer tips on how to do it and get your voice heard in the community.

History of blogging

Maybe “history” is a bit too ambitious word used in connection with blogging, because this history is short. It sounds more like a story to me. It all has started only little over 20 years ago. So, if you want to know how to start a blog, you need to know the roots and prospective of blogging.  It’s hard to believe something so big now could be so small then.
Initially blogging and even the name “blog” were viewed as some joke. The name comes from two words: “log” and “web”. Logs were kept on ships or in some organizations. First blogs were started as personal journals, placed online. The word blog was used as a funny name for this activity, which initially got mocked down by some. First bloggers were even called names, such as “escribitionists”.
How to start a blog in Nigeria:

You see, diaries used to be very private. These people exhibited their private journals to the public. Such a practice was uncanny to that generation. No one could even imagine how massive it would become just some 10-15 years later.

So, the blogging story had a very humble beginning, but presently it is hard to imagine internet without blogs. They have tremendous impact on the world both online and offline. So, what is a blog? It could be just a diary, but it also could become a full time job.

Blogging prospectiveblog in Nigeria: 10 blog tips

Why blogging is that big? What prospective does it have? Why so many people want to get handy with it? The truth is that our reality has changed and only few of us took notice of it. Mass advertising is gone. It is almost dead. Today people look for personal advice, for personalized service and customized, tailored or handmade products.

Blogs become vital instruments of the new economy and marketing. Presently many bloggers get paid for writing reviews or giving their opinions on products, places, services, people or countries. They become the real force in mastering mass opinions. Blogging is the new power in mass media. It fosters freedom of speech and shapes public opinion.

How to start a blogBloggers are no longer viewed as freaks making their private journals public. What is blogging now? Blogging is experts providing vital information and opinions. More and more people want to hear what they have to say.

Many bloggers get freebies or even free tours from properties to write a review on them. They get paid to speak out their minds.

I guess now your interest in blogging is boosted. It can become your part time or even full time occupation.   

How to start a blog – what the best blog should consist of:

  1. Blog name and hostingblog tips for a newbie
    This could be one of the toughest things to do in blogging. By all means do not hurry and make any rush decisions. Changing your blog name could be a very painful process. It’s not just a name, it is your brand. Changing the name you have to rebrand. Many readers and visitors could be lost in this process. ONCE FOR ALL.

    And how do you do that? How to create a blog with a proper name? First, get a clear idea on your topic. What’s it going to be about? Sort out all the related words. Now, get rid of the unwanted ones. Start mixing words together. The tip here is to use very relevant and easy to spell words. Your blog name should tell your clients everything about its topic and content. Making it easy to remember or to spell, you simplify the task of finding it online. CAST THE SPELL.

    Another option is using your name as a blog name. Such approach works well, if you wish to create a brand out of yourself. It’s good for various experts or service providers. Let’s say you are a personal coach or a copywriter. You position yourself as an expert in your niche. You use your name for the blog name and put yourself out of competition. There are many coaches out there, but there are only few people with that name. YOU NAME IT.
  2. Blog nicheblog in Nigeria blog tips
    Pick one or two closely related subjects for your blog. Do not just make it a lifestyle blog, where you talk about everything in the world. Bloggers are experts. You cannot be an expert in everything. Most experts have very narrow field of expertise. Otherwise you would just be fuming about stuff. So, BE AN EXPERT.

    Picking your niche may also help you to lessen the competition. See, there are hundreds of bloggers talking about all the news in the world. However, there are just few covering the go-green news and technologies. Of course, you get fewer readers, but you also get less competition and more targeted traffic. TOP’EM.

    Pick the niche you know and love the best. It will allow you to become the best of the best in what you blog about. Passion is the best success driver. BE PASSIONATE.
  3. Headerstart blog in Nigeria
    Learning how to create a blog you need to get a knack on design. Header is the part of your blog theme. It is what people see on the upper side of the blog page. You can use an image and a tag line here. Create a catchy motto for your blog and post it in your header. HEDLINE IT.

    Use great image there. It is best to pick the one closely associated with the blog topic. This is how you create your brand identity. Do not use flowers for tech blog or wires for a cooking one. The image has to be of high quality and “appetizing”.  MAKE IT RELEVANT.
  4. Sidebar10 killer blog tips
    Blog sidebar could help people navigate your blog. It could also be used for ads and promotions. View it as your own advertising spot before you add up someone else’s ads there. Promote yourself through your sidebar. PUSH IT.

    How do you do that? Post your social profile icons there. People best notice the info located on the left and upper part of the page. Use it to grow your social media fan base. Promote your best posts on the sidebar. Place your tags or categories there. Use it to MAKE THEM STAY.  
  5. Content
    Content rules. No design or SEO tricks can substitute quality texts. Yes, people still read. The question is: can you write good stuff? Besides uniqueness texts should deliver value or fun. Be smart and save their TIME or MONEY. This is what would keep them coming back for more. Make it fun, because everyone likes to enjoy life.
  6. Images
    Yes, people like to read, but they LOVE to see. Visuals should become a vital part of your blog.  Want to know how to start blogging? Learn how to communicate through visuals. IMPRESS THEM.

    It shouldn’t be just het pictures. You may use infographics, funny illustrations, vectors, rasters, photos, etc. Place few images within each post. Make a nice flow and create text and image composition. BE VERSATILE.
  7. VideosHow to start a blog in Nigeria 1
    Watching stuff is easy. That is why folks just love it. Nowadays you can easily embed them into your posts. You can make your own videos or share ready content. It is better to see it one time, than to hear about it a dozen times. STREAM IT.

    Bloggers make certain mistakes using videos. That’s why some of them get frustrated. First, you need to tell people about the video. Do it right in the post title.

    And add enough text to your post both for people and for search engines to find and index it. Tell people to watch it. Place a strong call to action. WATCH IT. Make it fit. Make sure your video is properly embedded and fits into the page width. You may customize the videos. Take your time to make’em look good on the page. TART UP.
  8. Tips and Tutorials 10 blog tips for a newbie 1
    People love getting tips or step by step instruction and DIY how-tos. If you know how to do stuff, take few shots or create a video and give out a free tutorial. People love freebies. You may give it out just like that on your blog pages or exchange it for visitor’s email address and subscription. It works just great. Here you get tips on how to start a blog and I bet you find them useful. So, TIP THEM.  
  9. Content structureblog in Nigeria for a newbie 1
    It’s not enough to write a great text. You need to know how to present it. It’s like a jewel that needs a proper setting. Use bullets, numbers, lists, tables, H1 and H2 subtitles, frames, bold, etc. Just do a real nice job and BUFF IT UP.

    What people hate is large blocks of text. They make them feel bad. The texts on your blog should be airy and readable. Put the best first. State your key thought in the title.
    People spend seconds before they jump off your blog. So, BAIT THEM right away.
  10. Plugins  How to start a blog newbie
    Plugins help you automate your blog work and improve it. They can handle your SEO and analytics. There are many plugins used for Wordpress that enable it to do wonders. They can help you handle links, optimization and tons of other things. So, PLUG IT UP.

Now you know how to open a blog. Get started. It takes time to make things work. Nothing really can stand in a place of firsthand experience. So, get busy and soon you would be the one teaching blogging to others.

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It is interesting to read how to start a blog in Nigeria. For information you plan to keep your blog should be interesting for it to be effective. In the days of today's blogs have become important tools of the new economy. Now bloggers are paying money for something to comment on the text of the blog. A lot of useful tips learned from the article how to start a blog. What are the most interesting and correct ideas and approach should be. Now, many young people are at home on the internet and look for different types of earnings. Look for a variety of information. This tex help beginners create a blog.

Answered 1 year ago.

Most important thing - is determine theme of your future blog. Choosing is not most popular topic on network, and most beloved, that you like, which you will always want talk. Some choose most popular topics on internet, hoping that in this way they will have more visitors. Beginners start write couple of months in a year they can get tired of it. They have nothing say and convey to people. This is typical mistake beginner bloggers. And you'll be smarter and do not wake make such mistakes, so you will always be interesting blog because you write about what you like.

Answered 1 year ago.
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